Total Affiliate Management in Click2Sell

Today I will review just one of many Click2Sell Affiliate Network system modules: affiliate management.

Unlike some other affiliate networks, in Click2Sell you, as a merchant, have a great control of your affiliates. There are many tools, features and tracking options which allows you to be successful with affiliates.

However, not everyone has discovered full potential of affiliate management module. So I will present you almost every aspect of affiliate management in Click2Sell.

Affiliate page

Of course, at first you need to have something what could help you gather some affiliates.

Once you add a product into Click2Sell Affiliate Network, an affiliate page for that product is automatically generated. Affiliate page is a page where you present your offer to promote your product for a certain amount of commissions. Take a look on affiliate page example. As you see, any person visiting your affiliate page will learn about:

  • what the product is;
  • how much can be earned for every referred sale;
  • payment options;
  • benefits of taking this offer.

There are Click2Sell login and signup buttons, so a person can quickly and easily start promoting your product.

So, you'll just have to put this affiliate page into your website.


Affiliate management tools

So, you have gathered some affiliates. You need to have some useful affiliate management tools to ease your daily work. Let's see what kind of activities you can perform.

Affiliate approval

Click2Sell Affiliate Management tools allows you set up manual or automatic affiliate approval. Both choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. This option is set to "automatic affiliate approval" by default. This means that any person can join your affiliate program and promote your product online. However, you can turn on "manual affiliate approval" for some reasons if you want (e.g., you want to filter out scammers, make your product available to be promoted for some chosen people only). This manual affiliate approval option is good if you want to run an affiliate program and recruit only your well know friends-marketers to participate or you launch a special product's campaign to promote only for certain partners.

Affiliate overview screen

In "My Affiliates" page you will see a summary list of all your affiliates and their achievements. Please, open this picture, so you could see yourself how it looks. So what we can do in this page?

  • Review performance of each your affiliate. See how many views, visitors, sales he brought, what is conversion and refund rates of his promotional campaigns. In daily reports you can analyze what your affiliates did during last days. You can see various trends (why one affiliate always refer sales in the beginning of the month, but nothing later? Does he/she has any problem?) from such data.
  • Set up specific commission rate. This is extremely helpful if you have some affiliates who do their promotions exceptionally well and refer a lot of sales. You can say "Thank you!" to them by raising their commission rates and thus encouraging your successful affiliates to refer even more sales. Moreover, you can easily raise your affiliate program's commissions to selected partners, such as those who participate in your JV campaigns.
  • Ban / unban any of your affiliate. If you feel that one or another affiliate does rubbish promotion of your product (perhaps even using spamming methods), in some way devaluate the good aura of your product, you can simply ban him/her. Do not let others harm your reputation. This way you can also protect your product's conversion rate, so crappy affiliates won't be able to decrease it.
  • Contact your affiliates. Here you can message all or certain affiliates about your product's update, suggestions for promotion campaigns, feedback of your product, and so on. You can just e-mail each of your affiliate one by one and thank them for promoting your products. This way you can easily develop a great relationship with them, so they would be interested to bring even more sales. You can also find the real long-time partners among all your affiliates.

If you sell some different products and each of them have different affiliates, that's OK. You can easily review each product's affiliates separately.



So some of your affiliates made sales. Naturally they are waiting for you to pay them. In the beginning of every month you will get invoices in Click2Sell Affiliate Network system which you will have to pay within 21 days. You can use your PayPal account, credit card or Moneybookers to pay your affiliates (note: payments will be processed directly to their accounts; this means that you and your affiliates need to have accounts in the same payment processor system, e.g., PayPal).

Paying process is very simple: click on "Pay" button, you'll be redirected to PayPal/Moneybookers page, click "Pay" there and you will be taken back. That's it.

If there are a lot of affiliates to pay, you can use "Mass Pay" feature which allows you to pay all your affiliates within a few clicks.


I hope this "Total Affiliate Management in Click2Sell" article has helped you to understand better affiliate management tools module. In my opinion, it is really easy to use, user friendly module which provides a lot of options. In Click2Sell Affiliate Network with it's Affiliate Management tools you have real control of affiliates. Not like in some other systems where people can join your affiliate program and do whatever they want.

These are your products and your business, so you have to be the ONE who has control on people promoting your products.
Click2Sell.EU Affiliate Network helps you to do that.


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