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Review of system changes in 2009

This is the first my post in 2010. And I decided to through last year’s small things which were done by our team in order to provide Click2Sell Affiliate Network users more good affiliate marketing experiences.

The first change of 2009 was new Click2Sell checkout page. Since launching our system we were testing a lot of versions of checkout page in order to understand what factors influence customers to buy products and which things may lead to "sales leak" and lower product conversion rates. We made the checkout page look more simple, easy to fill. All unnecessary fields were removed, other fields which could be filled automatically (such as buyer’s country, etc.) are pre-filled. Amazing, but after changes conversion rates for some products increased by 4% – 18%. On the first sight it could seem not much, but on the other hand some our merchants got more sales doing nothing! I think it’s good for everyone.

The next step was to let Click2Sell merchants Customize Checkout Pages for their products as they want. This gave possibility to translate product’s checkout page into any language: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc. So, Click2Sell became useful not only for English speaking merchants and their customers…

Tweak: New Format of Buy Button Code – The main benefit of this change is that the "Buy Button" is shown on browsers even then when Javascripts are disabled. That’s where the old button’s code failed as it was entirely wrapped in Javascript "clothes". And according data we have, this problem was actual for 3% of all buyers. Now it’s not!

The other project was integration of Click2Sell Affiliate Network with "DL Guard" which is more than just a download page protector. DLGuard provides sales link security, expiring download links, membership management, digital shopping cart, customer management, add customer to your mailing list automatically, and a whole lot more. You can read more about it at "Top Notch Protection Of Your Digital Products".

Another very important feature for merchants – integration of payment service providers into Click2Sell. See Full List of Merchant Account Providers supported by Click2Sell. After implementation of this integration merchants are able to offer his customers even 3 payment methods on 1 checkout page – PayPal, Moneybookers or credit card payment. I think it’s more that enough for buyer to choose from.

Of course, in 2009 there were made a lot changes and tweaks which cannot be seen from the first glance, but they definately give value for our merchants and affiliates. Year 2010 is going to be very important and exciting – Click2Sell is going to present it’s users more flexibility, more convenience, more simplicity and of course – top notch customer support. All new system features and opportunities for merchants and affiliates will be described soon.


Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas to all Click2Sell.EU Affiliate Network users! Merry Christmas everyone! We’re glad having opportunity to thank You for being with us all this time, selling and promoting products thru us, sharing your ideas and giving some reasonable criticism about our work and Click2Sell.EU system. „We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give“ – Winston Churchill‘s sentence we like. You give ideas, we combine them with our own, then we try to implement them and share with you. During next 2010 year we‘ll present you new, better, faster Click2Sell.EU system with some completely unique features which will definitely give you new opportunities to make more money online. But for now – Merry Christmas celebration and a happy upcoming New Year!


PPC Avids Can Get Instant Affiliate Payments!

(this post is useful not only for affiliates, but also for merchants/vendors)

One of the common concerns of affiliates is how quickly they will get their payments for their referred sales. It is a very natural question as nowadays incredibly a lot of product promotion is done by Pay Per Click campaigns. PPC campaigns require some budget and many affiliates simply reinvest their earned money back to PPC in order to make even more sales.

Now there’s a problem that money for PPC campaigns run out quite quickly while payments are paid out monthly or bi-weekly in many networks. That means that affiliates have to limit themselves in their PPC advertising, because they have to wait for their money which they could reinvest.

Here is a solution for such problem. And it really works as I have already seen great results from such solution which resulted in improved income for both of merchant and affiliate.

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Top Merchants Have Many Affiliates. WHY? Learn Their Techniques To Increase Your Legion of Affiliates

I think there are no such merchants who do not want to have affiliates and their free sales. I mean – every merchant desires to signup as many active affiliates as possible and make even more money without putting much efforts for product’s promotion.

Simply speaking:
more active affiliates = more sales = higher profits = richer merchant.

Now there is quite common problem: every merchant wants to have as many active affiliates as possible, however not every merchant understands the importance of recruiting affiliates himself/herself.

What does it mean to recruit affiliates yourself?

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Click2Sell is getting great reviews from super-marketers!

Dear friends,

yesterday was a great day for Click2Sell affiliate programs network as Rosalind Gardner has made Click2Sell review and published it in her newsletter and blog. I and my team are excited about her very positive opnion! This gives us a lot of energy to continue our work and provide you with even better service. Who's Rosalind Gardner? I think many internet marketers already know (and who don't know sooner or later will get to know) that Rosalind  is one of the most famous and widely recognized person in the affiliate marketing scene, perhaps among the top5 marketers. She is in internet marketing business for 10 years and has made great money in this field during that time. Many people consider her book "The Super Affiliate Handbook" as an affiliate marketing Bible for beginners. And YES! – she liked our system! :) Rosalind has mentioned a lot of Click2Sell features as great advantages over other systems. At the end of her review she just wrote:

"My hat's off to the Click2Sell developers."

I'll tell you again – this inspires me and my team to work hard in bringing you the best service and provide most useful merchant and affiliates tools for earning money online!

By the way, it's not the first time Click2Sell affiliate programs network gets a positive review by a super-marketer. Few months ago (when Click2Sell had just started its activities), Allan Gardyne also made a review to his subscribers about Click2Sell.EU in a favourably manner. You can read the review here. As you may already know, Allan is in internet marketing business for a long period and is "Earning a good living from affiliate programs since 1998". Just like Rosalind, A. Gardyne is also very well known among affiliate marketers. His website Associate Programs provides a very wide range knowledge of internet marketing, thus is one of the most visited websites about affiliate marketing. In his newsletter and blog Allan wrote very lengthy analysis about Click2Sell system, comparing it to Clickbank and Paydotcom in many areas. At that time Click2Sell had just launched, so he was a bit cautious, but eventually he recognized our ambitions as hopeful:

"It looks worth keeping an eye on."

The fact that very experienced internet super-marketers put in a good word about Click2Sell should mean that we made a great system. Of course, any feedback from any person is very valuable to us. We're getting many suggestions about current features improvements or new features development. We're analyzing all of them and set the priorities. I hope that soon the day will come when Click2Sell WITH YOUR HELP will be named as Dream Tool for Affiliate Marketer and Merchant! :-)

Well, that's enough of joy for today and i'm going back to our routine job.

By the way, if YOU have ANY idea how Click2Sell system should be improved or expanded, or maybe you would like to cooperate with Click2Sell in any way, please, feel free to contact us immediately. We're open to all suggestions.

Regards to all of you, my friends!


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