Welcome Moneybookers to Click2Sell’s “family”: PayPal, Google Checkout, Worldpay, Authorize.net

Hello again!

We are very proud to announce that finally we have just developed and tested Moneybookers payment processor system and merchant account provider in Click2Sell. On March 27 Moneybookers became available for all Click2Sell.EU members so now all merchants can use this merchant account provider to accept payments for their products via Click2Sell.EU and send affiliate commission payments for all affiliates.

At first let me present you what is Moneybookers and how this payment processor could benefit you.

MoneybookersGenerally speaking Moneybookers is just like Paypal. It is a widely respected payment processor. Having Moneybookers merchant account allows you to send money to someone, to receive money from someone, go shopping, setup some kind of buy-now buttons on your website and thus accept payments for your products/services.

There is one thing about Moneybookers that should be interesting to some people. Moneybookers are less restrictive than PayPal regarding countries. Moneybookers cover more countries where you can send or receive payments. So if you weren’t able to get PayPal account, you should definitely check out Moneybookers and it is very likely that you will be accepted there.

Let us talk about what Moneybookers will be doing in Click2Sell.EU.
Until this moment merchants were able to receive payments from their sales directly in to PayPal, Authorize.net, Worldpay or Google Checkout accounts. From now on they will be able to receive payments to Moneybookers accounts too. Moneybookers claim that they have 4.3 million account holders. We can safely assume that quite a big part of them are buyers who prefer to pay via Moneybookers. So there are more potential buyers of your products. 

However, I guess that the more important aspect is that merchants get another option to pay their affiliates. They won’t be restrainted to PayPal. This means that merchants can expect more affiliates as Moneybookers cover more countries than Paypal.

Many good affiliates cannot promote products online just because they can’t have Paypal account. Anyway, from now on there are no restrictions…

Although a lot of people have only PayPal account, it is very easy to get a Moneybookers account, so within minutes merchants could be able to pay affiliates who have Moneybookers accounts only.

If you have only Moneybookers account and you’re not able to get PayPal, you shouldn’t worry about the fact that there are a lot of merchants in Click2Sell who pay via PayPal only. I’m sure that if you would make some affiliated sales for "PayPal only" merchant, he/she will get MB account just for paying you.

For the end let me remind you that now Click2Sell supports not only Moneybookers, but also PayPal, Google Checkout, Worldpay and Authorize.net and other Merchant Account providers.
Soon I will announce about another new exciting feature of Click2Sell. Stay tuned!


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