How Click2Sell works and its advantages over direct selling using PayPal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, Authorize or Google Checkout

today let me tell you how Click2Sell system works in general as I keep getting questions about Click2Sell payments.

Click2Sell is a merchant platform with integrated affiliate network. The system coordinates your sales via Paypal, Moneybookers, Worldpay,, Google Checkout and other PSP (Full list of Merchant Account Providers supported by Click2Sell.EU) and allows you to run your own affiliate program.

That means that if you want to use Click2Sell for selling your products, you will have to have merchant account in one of above mentioned payment processors and use it.

Let me explain how the purchase of your product goes:

  1. A person (let's call him John, ok?) visits your website, read and analyze your product and see that it's a great deal. John decides to buy your product, so he finds buy-now button (provided by Click2Sell) and clicks on it.
  2. John sees Click2Sell checkout page where he can choose payment options you provided (e.g., Paypal, Moneybookers and Google Checkout). Let's say, he chooses Paypal.
  3. He is then redirected to Paypal checkout page where he enters all the necessary billing information. He is charged. Then John clicks on "return to merchant" button.
  4. The buyer is redirected to your provided thank-you page.

As you may see from this scheme, no money goes through our hands. All transactions are made in Paypal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, or Google Checkout systems. This means top security level. But not only that.

It also means that you get money directly to your merchant accounts in those payment systems. Money that you have earned from your product sales are not withheld anywhere and your earnings appear in your merchant account instantly after a successful sale.

I have mentioned "coordinating sales" in the beginning of this post. By saying that I meant that we send necessary information to payment processors (so your buyer could successfully buy your product) and they return us some data that we need.

Such exchange of information allows these things:

  1. You do not need to setup your products in both Click2Sell and in your merchant account of payment processor. It is absolutely enough to setup your product in Click2Sell only. Click2Sell will pass the necessary details to your chosen payment processor, so your buyer would buy and get the correct product.
  2. You can track your sales and statistics in much more convenient way than in Paypal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, or Google Checkout systems. What is more, it is especially useful when you have several merchant accounts (e.g., Paypal, Moneybookers and In this way you can see everything from one place and you don't need to login to each separate systems to see your status.
  3. You can also not just view and track the status, but manage some things from one place. For example, it is very useful with refunds. Once you get a request for refund, you can easily find the necessary transaction and refund it in Click2Sell. The system will send notification to your payment processor and arrange all the necessary changes.
  4. It's possible to run affiliate program what you simply can not do with just merchant account of any my mentioned payment processor. Click2Sell knows which your sale is made by your affiliate, so your affiliates can promote your products with confidence that you know their efforts and you will pay them for successful sales. In Click2Sell you can gather your affiliates in two ways: by recruiting your own people or by getting interest from regular Click2Sell affiliates (there are more and more of them). To make the gathering easier you can upload and offer your affiliates various promotional tools like articles, banners, email letters and so on. These things greatly improve "the taste" of your products to your potential affiliates.
  5. Click2Sell provides additional protection for your sales. Each sale is doubly verified in our servers, thus even the most advanced hackers will not be able to get your product without paying you or for less money.

These are just the major things what you get by using Click2Sell service instead of, let's say, simple Paypal buy-now button.

I hope that this short article has explained you the working system of Click2Sell.


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  1. VPS Hosting Content: Said,

    May 9, 2008 @ 2:37 pm

    Thanks Vytis,

    For the above helpful information given by you.I think Paypal is the most secured payment gateway.

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