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How refunds are processed

I am intrested in bringing my site over to your affiliate network. I would like to know which of your processors you carry update my refunds in click2sell. I dont want to have to refund someone say in and then come back to your site and do it again. Or if there is a chargeback will it automatically update in cick2sell so I do not pay the affiliate for that order.

You are welcome to bring in your website to Click2Sell.EU. Our system is completely automated. First of all, you can completely manage all the sales and refunds from Click2Sell.EU members area. Whether you have, Paypal or any other payment processor account. If refund or chargeback happens, our system automatically adjusts all the sales (as refunded), so you don’t have to do the same job twice – we take care of all refunds automatically. Moreover, if you want to refund a customer then you can do this simply by clicking on a refund button near a certain transaction. Click2Sell.EU is completely connected to major payment processors so the refund will be issued automatically when you click to refund from your members area and the sales will be adjusted so you won’t have to pay affiliates for refunded sales.

Setting affiliate cookies

Hi there, I’ve recently launched my Twitter tool. I’m thinking about using affiliate marketing via you guys as I like the package, but I have one question: My website only allows people to buy a subscription once they’ve signed up for a proper user account. This is for a variety reasons, and right now it’s working. However, I’m concerned for my potential affiliates, as there’s no way for them to link to this sales page as it’s a protected members area. In an ideal world, I’d like to direct affiliates to my homepage and set a cookie there, either with an image or with a snippet or javascript. Is anything like this possible? Many thanks, Tom.

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for contacting us. I’m glad to hear that you are considering to use Click2Sell.EU system to sell your product. I understand your point regarding affiliate tracking… I would like to know… As far as I understand, you will put the payment buttons on your website’s inner page (after the customer signs up for an account) and that page is a protected area. What you want is to be able to direct affiliate traffic to your main sales page, then customer should signup and only after the successful signup they would be able to pay? That’s not a problem. Simply set your product’s sales page as your main website’s page and all affiliates will direct traffic there. Place Click2Sell.EU payment buttons on your inner (protected page). All affiliates will be credited for referring customers to your website if those customers order your product. It doesn’t really matter where the payment button is located. The more important is to make sure that customer would reach a payment button. Our affiliate cookie tracking technology places the cookie on a visitors computer and we can track his/her activity on all your website. If that customer reaches the payment button (even if it is after the special registration) – you can be sure that affiliate will be credited.
So you shouldn’t worry about this. Simply signup and add your product to Click2Sell.EU system. Then place the payment buttons on an appropriate area and start recruiting affiliates. I hope this clarifies the situation for you. If you have any other questions or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you.

Egidijus Andreika
Click2Sell.EU – Innovative affiliate network

How do I set my affilliate approval to MANUAL and NOT automatic?

I have searched high and wide to find how to set my account to > MANUALLY accept affiliates. Right now I am obviously set to automatic > accept and since my products DO NOT ship internationally, I cannot > accept affiliates from outside the USA. It appears that I have a lot > of foreign names signing up as affiliates and they are being auto > approved, so I need to switch to MANUAL! PLEASE tell me where to go to > reset my account to MANUALLY approve affiliates. Thanks and Happy New > Year. Caroline :-)

Hello Caroline,

thanks for contacting us!
Manual affiliate approval is on product level. In order to enable manual approval for a certain product, you need to do this way: “For Merchant” -> click on product name -> “Configure basic settings” -> Step 2.
There you will find a checkbox for disabling automatic affiliate approval. However, right now no message is sent to you if someone tries to promote your product, so your potential affiliates will need to message you after requesting to be allowed to promote your product. We intend to implement an automatic notification sometime in 2010.
However, I think that it would be better for you if you just limit shipping countries in Step4 (if you chose “Material” type for your product). Just leave allowed countries on the right box and non US residents won’t be able to order your product. Non US affiliates can also bring Americans customers, so I think that this option should work for you better than manual approval.
I hope I explained everything clearly enough. If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

Promote Products

I have attemted several times to promote products but none of them shows up in ‘My Campaigns” No data available to display. I have tried a few but no succes. And yes i have the guide on my lap, read it a few times. No succes. Am i missing something?

Dear Judith,

Thank you for contacting us. The problem is that you didn’t get at least 1 visitor to your affiliate link. Please, go to the Marketplace then click on ‘Promote’ nearby an interesting product and write down/copy your link. Then paste this link on your browsers address bar and enter your affiliate link. Now, please, check your For Affiliates –> My Campaigns section. There you will see a new campaign. You must bring at least one visitor to your affiliate link for the campaign to appear on your account.

Egidijus Andreika

Shipping prices are being ADDED into the selling price of my products

Hi there.
I am new to click2sell, so I may be overlooking something, but I am a merchant who created an affiliate program through your service just last week. I have 7 products created in my Merchant account, and when I sent out the affiliate LINKS for these products, the shipping price was ADDED onto the actual price of my products making them appear MORE EXPENSIVE than my products are in my own web store. This is not appealing to affiliates because once people find out the products are cheaper on my site, then they won’t buy from my affiliates any longer and that isn’t how I want this to be. The question I have for you is: How can I keep the actual product price SEPARATE from the shipping fee for my affiliates, so they have a chance to sell my products! If the shipping fees are added into the total price of the products, they are at a disadvantage and then there is no reason why I should have an affiliate program. Since the shipping field is REQUIRED by your company, is this a software glitch on your end? PLEASE HELP! I have so many people interested in becoming an affiliate and I don’t want to turn them off.

Dear Caroline,

Thank you for contacting us. I understand your situation… Now there are 2 ways why the system charge your customers a shipping fee:
a) you have set a special shipping fee when you have entered material products into the system
b) you have configured your Paypal account to charge a special shipping fee from your customers

In case you have a) – all you have to do is just to login to your Click2Sell.EU account and visit: For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings –> STEP4 (if product is material) and there you will see your shipping charges. If you don’t see the ‘countries to sell to’ selection box and there is no place to enter the shipping charge, then I think you have a b) case.
In case you have b) – please, login to your Paypal account and go to your Profile and select the Shipping charges on your selling preferences. There you should find a special shipping fee which Paypal adds to all of your products. Simply remove that fee and your customers won’t be charged anything for shipping.

Please, let me know how it goes. If you have any questions or just need some help, please, show me your products’ links and I will check everything myself.

Egidijus Andreika

Very high affiliate commission

Hi there.
For a limited time period I’ve given my affiliates a 95% commission. One of them has just made their first sale. Why is the Click2Sell commission on the sale $10.49?? The product is only $9.99. I lose $0.50.
Please advise.

Dear Johann,

Thank you for contacting us. That’s completely natural case. Since you sell your product for $9.99 and pay out 95% of affiliate commission, this means that you pay our your affiliate $9.49. There is also a Click2Sell.EU $1/sale fee that you have to pay, so overall $9.49 + $1 = $10.49 . When you offer such high affiliate commissions you might be losing a bit of your money, however not much.

In order to fix this, simply lower the affiliate commission rate.

If you have any other questions or just need some help, please, let us know. We will do our best to help you.

Egidijus Andreika

google checkout

how do i set up to receive payments with google checkout other than money bookers or paypal. I havent added my product yet, but just wondering how to change to google checkout

Dear Nicholas,

Thank you for contacting us. In order to accept payments via Google Checkout all you have to do is just to navigate to: My Profile –> My Payment Processors page and add Google Checkout as a new account. Please, click on the dropdown list of processors and select Google Checkout, click on Add and you will see a page with all instructions on how to configure Google Checkout on Click2Sell.EU successfully. Follow those steps and enter the required information on Click2Sell.EU. Then click on Save. You will be redirected back to the same My Payment Processors page. Then, please, click on ‘Setup’ button to set up a payment processing mapping. Select your new Google Checkout account from the dropdown list on Google Checkout’s line and then click on Save.

When you are done and you will be able to accept payments through Google Checkout. If you have Google Checkout buyer’s account, you can go to: For Merchant –> My Products –> Test Buy (click on a certain product) to test your Google Checkout.

Nicholas, if you have any other questions or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you.

Egidijus Andreika

Integration of subscriptions

Hello, I’m interested in your service but have a few questions that I couldn’t find answers to on your website. + For subscriptions, does Click2Sell handle the recurring billing? If so, what billing cycles are available? Is the $1 – $3 transaction fee charged per each monthly transaction, or against the initial subscription? Can my customers change their subscription (i.e. can they go from a standard program to a premium program)? + Is there a detailed API document? All I could find was a blog post with the list of fields and a small bit of PHP code. + Is there some kind of “test mode” or test accounts available for use while implementing the API? Thanks so much for your help with this. Click2Sell looks like a great service, and I hope it’ll be the right choice for integration into my project. Kind regards, Jon

Hello Jon,

thanks for contacting us! Let me answer your questions one by one.

Subscriptions are handled by PayPal or Click2Sell. If you sell your subscription via PayPal, then it will be handled by PayPal. In all other cases (if you have PayPal Website Payments PRO, Worldpay,, eWay, LinkPoint, First Data, Your Pay, PayPoint, Moneris, Sage Pay (former Protx), Optimal Payments or Ogone account), subscriptions will
be handled by Click2Sell.

Subscription periods can be whatever you want. You will need to setup initial price and period and then another price and recurring period for your subscription product/service. You can enter any number of days / weeks / months / years in those periods.

Fees are applied on each payment you receive, whether it is initial payment or recurring payment. In other words Click2Sell charges 1usd, 2usd or 3usd (depending on your product’s price) per each transaction for it’s services.

Right now there is no possibility to upgrade existing subscription. If some of your customer would want a better membership type, he/she will need to stop the current one and then order the premium one.

There is no manual for subscriptions, because all you need to do is just to add your product/service into Click2Sell (“For Merchant” -> “Add product”), take generated Click2Sell buy buttons ant put them into your website and turn on API notifications in product’s settings. That’s it. You can use “Test buy” feature in your account’s members area for testing API notifications.

I hope I answered your questions. If you have any other question, just let me know! I’ll be glad to help you!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

credit for sale

If a customer purchases from the merchants promotion website how do I get paid for the sale?

Dear Steven,

Thank you for contacting us. First of all – you are given your own affiliate links to direct visitors to your promoted merchants website. Once a visitor enters your affiliate link, Click2Sell.EU system starts to track him/her. He is redirected to your promoted product’s sales page. If the customer orders the product, we know that he/she was referred by you and the affiliate sale is assigned to you. So you can be sure that you will receive affiliate commissions without any problem.

Please, enter your own affiliate link and then click on a payment button on your promoted product’s sales page. You will notice affiliate: your name at the bottom of checkout page. This means that Click2Sell.EU is tracking the customer successfully.

If you have any more questions or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you.

Egidijus Andreika

Other affiliate sales

I need help with an issue. I have a monthly membership site with a recurring $10 charge. Through Click2Sell here, all my affiliates get 70% commission on that recurring monthly charge. Every month, I take down the previous month’s content and archive it for $10 apiece. So here’s the question: is there a way, without listing all the individual month’s content as separate products, to allow my affiliates to get a 70% on the ‘archived’ sales as well? Such as a way to allow them a commission on all sales made through that domain? Thanks for all help! (And hopefully you understand what I’m asking… I can clarify if need be.)

Talk soon,

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your questions. I understand your idea pretty well. In case you wan to sell your content archives for $10 a piece you will still have to add those ‘mini’ products to Click2Sell.EU system and price them $10 each, get your payment links and place on your website or any other thank-you page area where your first time customers are redirected after their successful purchase.

Simply add your archived products as separate products to Click2Sell.EU system and place payment buttons on your website or any other area which could be accessed by your customers. Uncheck the tickbox on ‘Display product on the Marketplace’ (on STEP2 when you add your product). That’s all… Then all you will have to do is just to refer customers to your first product’s sales page. If they order your archived month’s content they will still be credited a certain affiliate commission for that sale.

Just provide your affiliates with your main products affiliate links and make sure you place payment links for your other products on the same page or thank-you page where your customers would be able to find them and then all your affiliates will be credited for those other archived content sales automatically. They will be using one affiliate link, while they will be credited for all sales their referred customers make.

Tom, I hope this helps. If you have some more questions or just need some help setting up your products, just let me know. I will do my best to help you.

Egidijus Andreika