Manage Fistful of Your Merchant Accounts in Click2Sell

Today I want to help you to understand role of merchant accounts in Click2Sell better. When I say "merchant accounts", I mean accounts at PayPal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, and Google Checkout. The same regular ones that you use to receive money online.

Why should i have merchant accounts?

You may ask why these merchant accounts are needed at all. Well, first of all, having just Click2Sell account doesn’t mean that you will be able to receive money from your product buyers. It’s not like in some other systems where you sign up for an account, add some products, make some sales, the system’s owners receive money from your sales and then you ask them to send the money to you in order to be able to do something with your earned money. Although such model has some advantages such as less steps to start selling, however such advantages definitely vanishes on the longer term, while a lot higher fees and "frozen money" status keeps hurting you forever.

In order to work with Click2Sell you need to have at least one PayPal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, or Google Checkout account. Just one or a few of them. You can imagine Click2Sell as a powerful add-on to your, let’s say, PayPal or Worldpay merchant account. You keep receiving money directly to your PayPal / Worldpay account (and thus having money from sales available to you almost instantly), but in addition you get all the tracking suite of visitors and affiliates. You can look for more details at Click2Sell working principles and payment processors post. This post is more intended to explain how to manage your merchant accounts in Click2Sell.

Merchant accounts management at Click2Sell

In "My Profile" -> "My Payment Processors" page (in green sub-bar) you can do everything related to merchant accounts. There you can add additional merchant accounts, edit/update or delete some of them, set which of your merchant accounts will be used for receiving payments from credit cards or PayPal/Moneybookers.

If you want to:

  • add an additional merchant account, in Step1 select payment processor from drop-down list, click "Create" button and then enter necessary information that you are asked for (on the right side you will find full instructions how to find one or another data). That’s not all. Look at the next bulletin.
  • choose which of the available accounts will be used for payments. In Step 2 you will need to determine which of your created accounts will be active for receiving money. Click on "Setup" button.
  • edit or delete available merchant accounts. If you want to make changes in existing accounts (e.g., save API data for PayPal), then just click on any of existing account in the table. In the same way you can delete accounts. Just keep in mind that you can’t delete active accounts (that are chosen in Step 2).

Having several merchant accounts

Here is one thing about merchant accounts that I want to highlight. As I have mentioned before, you can have several merchant accounts of different payment processors saved in your single Click2Sell account. This is a great thing that you shouldn’t miss. What’s the point of having, let’s say, PayPal, Google Checkout and accounts when you could use just one as their purpose is the same – accept payments from your customers? Here’s a trick: having bigger variety of payment options will increase the number of your sales. Yes, if your customer doesn’t have Google Checkout buyer account, then he/she can quickly get one. However, people usually don’t trouble themselves with getting a new account in some system. In some cases they will just decide not to buy your product.

So I urge you to spend a half an hour for getting additional merchant accounts at PayPal, Moneybookers, Google Checkout, or Worldpay, if you don’t have them yet. Most of them are free and quite a lot of buyers use them.

Once you setup several merchant accounts (let’s say, PayPal, Moneybookers, Google Checkout, in Click2Sell system, then your customers will be able to pay you not only by direct credit card payments, but also by PayPal, Moneybookers or Google Checkout funds. People just like to use their preferred payment systems, so give them a chance to pay you in their favourite way.

Common mistakes when setting up merchant accounts on Click2Sell

I’ve noticed over time that there are some mistakes which are frequently made by merchants who try to setup merchant accounts on Click2Sell. Let me cover some of them.

  1. Setting PayPal email which is different from your PayPal account’s primary email.
    Once a purchase takes place, PayPal returns us a different PayPal email which doesn’t match with your PayPal email in Click2Sell, thus anti-fraud prevention doesn’t allow buyers to continue. The outcome of this is that buyers pay you money, but don’t get your product.
    You need to make sure that your PayPal email in Click2Sell would be the same as your PayPal’s primary email.
  2. Trying to use such PayPal email which doesn’t exist at all.
    Yes, if you tell to Click2Sell that your PayPal email is, then please make sure that such account is active, otherwise you won’t receive payments there. Writing an email address in Click2Sell sign-up form doesn’t automatically create PayPal account for this email.
  3. PayPal for direct credit card processing.
    Although you can select your created PayPal account in "Credit Card" slot, however the only PayPal account type that is capable of accepting direct credit card payments is PayPal Website Payments Pro. Regular, premier or business PayPal accounts can’t handle CC payments, so please do not select such Paypal account in "Credit Card" slot in Step2.
  4. Google Checkout is only for US and UK merchants.
    Thus it means that if you create Click2Sell account and set EUR currency as main processing currency, you won’t be able to use Google Checkout payment gateway. Google Checkout will work only with GBP or USD Click2Sell accounts.

Please make sure that you haven’t made any of these four common mistakes.


I hope I explained everything clearly enough. Let me remind you once again that having several merchant accounts is beneficial, easy to manage (as you can track all of them in a single Click2Sell account), and they don’t cost you time-wise. If you need any help with setting up your merchant accounts in Click2Sell or have questions related to this topic, don’t hesitate and contact us directly!


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