Do you consider running your own affiliate program?

So you're a merchant who carefully craft your own product, create the whole website for it, research the niche, look for various promotional methods to make your products and your name more and more known.

I also suppose, that you have an established website or sales-page where you successfully sell your products or service via Paypal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, or Google Checkout.

I guess that you have already thought that being able to let your products to be affiliated by other people would be a very nice addon to your website. Well made products are not only easier to sell for yourself, but they are very desired by other people who would really like to be able to promote your products for just a part of income from their generated sales.

Perhaps you have already tried some systems and networks which help you to find and deal with affiliates.

I'm sure that you have already faced quite a great dilemma: either some affiliate networks don't provide you any merchant tools, nothing (or just at very basic level) for selling "infrastructure", either they provide so basic affiliate management tools, that you actually feel like you're giving your product to them (affiliate network) to do whatever they want, not that they give you some affiliates who you could control.

Well there is also another option: you can always hire a programmer who could develop you your own in-house affiliate program mini-system. Having your own custom affiliate system is indisputable solution when you seek total control of everything and want the system to be as much integrated to your specific niche of your products/service as possible. BUT! You need TIME to develop such thing (and deep insight in planning various details and structure of your future superb mini affiliate system). Also you need to invest some MONEY in to development of such thing.
Do you have both?

I have mentioned two extremities: very custom your own affiliate program system and inflexible big affiliate networks.
Well, you have heard an old saying: "In many things the middle have the best".

Let's imagine that you have just decided to create your own in-house affiliate system.
What would you need from it?

  • To be able to decide whether you want your potential affiliates to be manually or automatically approved?
  • Maybe being able to track how each of your affiliate is doing?
  • What about not just basic tracking, but very detailed? Daily stats of each affiliate? Referral stats?
  • Some kind of incentive system? You would want to reward your well performing affiliates, wouldn't you?
  • Being able to communicate with your affiliates should go without saying, right?
  • Being able to give some promotional material to your affiliates?

Can you think of anything else?

Imagine combining all these things with your already established sales page or website where you sell your products. Feel the power of such improvement?

Let me tell you this:
All of above mentioned features in bulletin can be gained for free. You don't need to create your own in-house affiliate system, spend time and money for it. You also don't need to join other big inflexible affiliate networks which are very one-sided and requires some changes in your already established and well working website.

At Click2Sell.EU Affiliate Network you can get the flexibility of custom affiliate system and keep your selling freedom just like before.

And this article is just about one "module" Click2Sell system.
You can find more selling benefits of Click2Sell system in article on How Click2Sell works.

To your success!


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