PPC Avids Can Get Instant Affiliate Payments!

(this post is useful not only for affiliates, but also for merchants/vendors)

One of the common concerns of affiliates is how quickly they will get their payments for their referred sales. It is a very natural question as nowadays incredibly a lot of product promotion is done by Pay Per Click campaigns. PPC campaigns require some budget and many affiliates simply reinvest their earned money back to PPC in order to make even more sales.

Now there’s a problem that money for PPC campaigns run out quite quickly while payments are paid out monthly or bi-weekly in many networks. That means that affiliates have to limit themselves in their PPC advertising, because they have to wait for their money which they could reinvest.

Here is a solution for such problem. And it really works as I have already seen great results from such solution which resulted in improved income for both of merchant and affiliate.


First of all, I want to remind you that Click2Sell account where you can do both merchant and affiliate activities is completely free. You can create as many different accounts as you need.

Another important aspect is that in Click2Sell merchants get money straightly into their PayPal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, Google Checkout or Authorize.net merchant accounts after every successful sale.

Do you get where I’m leading you to?

What basically avid PPC affiliate lack that doesn’t allow to call him/her as a merchant/vendor? Yep, products. Now let’s imagine that suddenly PPC avid affiliate gets a good product somehow. From such moment he/she can act as a "merchant": sell the product and receive money directly to, for example, his/her PayPal account.

It would allow PPC avid to work like this:
1) invest some money to PPC campaigns budget;
2) Run PPC campaigns;
3) (Hopefully) make some sales;
4) Having some real money in his/her PayPal (or any other) account, the affiliate can reinvest his/her money without worries. The cycle begins again.

The main difference here is that after STEP 3 the affiliate doesn’t need to stop and reconsider if it’s better to wait for affiliate payment which could be reinvested to PPC campaigns OR if it would be better just to continue successful campaigns from his/her own money.

Of course, if an affiliate has some free money which he/she can use in case of exceeding initial PPC budget, then it is not a problem to continue promotions without stopping them for waiting for affiliate payments. However, I think you will agree with me that it is way better to have REAL money in your account after STEP 3 than putting your own money and waiting payments from vendors (even if you are 100% sure that you’ll get payments).


A shared account in Click2Sell

That’s what I want to propose you to consider. Actually, there is no special account type called "Shared" or something like that. It is the same account like any other regular Click2Sell account.

How this "shared account" could be created?
I can suggest you one way. I don’t say that this is the best one, perhaps it even needs some further polishing. But it is just an example to give you some ideas.

So the recipe of that delicious "shared account" is:

  • Create a new Click2Sell account. Give its login details to your partner.
  • Add a product, set custom URLs of sales-page and thank-you pages which would be located in merchant’s owned server space. In this way the affiliate can virtually offer a product fo his/her customers.
  • Of course, make sure that there is a "buy-now" button provided by Click2Sell in that sales-page.
  • Specify PayPal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, Authorize.net or Google Checkout merchant account which is controlled by the affiliate.

Well, that’s all. The affiliate can start his/her PPC promotions and (hopefully) there will be money flowing to his/her own account which the affiliate could quickly reinvest to further PPC campaigns.


Control measures

Of course, setuping a shared account requires some level of confidence in each other. Fortunately, there are some measures which help to control each other and make sure that there won’t be big problems if your partnership breaks:

  • Sales-page and thank-you page should be hosted in merchant provided server space. If partnership is discontinued for some reason, then the merchant can simply change/delete pages which were used for this shared business. Thus the affiliate can’t use other products for his/her own good. Broken deal means broken deal.
  • The merchant can always track by Click2Sell statistics how much the affiliate owes him/her and verify if the affiliate doesn’t cheat in payments.
  • On the other hand, if the merchant is "a bad guy" here and screws the affiliate, then the affiliate already have some money flowed into his/her own account at least. So it doesn’t hurt a lot financially for the affiliate.


Why I should consider it?

So let’s think what are the benefits for both merchant and affiliate to run such deal.

For merchant:

  1. Usually a merchant doesn’t quickly reinvest all earned money.
  2. He/she can offer virtual "instant payments" to attract very active affiliates. Thus there are more sales and bigger income.
  3. In Click2Sell a merchant can easily track statistics of affiliate generated sales, how much money the merchant has to receive from his/her affiliate.
  4. A merchant doesn’t need to remake all his/her website to make it compatible with Click2Sell.

For affiliate:

  1. Instant affiliate commission payout. Need I say more?
  2. Free Click2Sell accounts allow to test various partnerships without financial "pain".
  3. Guaranteed way to get paid for promotion efforts.
  4. Interesting product’s vendor doesn’t need to be Click2Sell member already. An affiliate just need to choose any interesting product, suggest its vendor to create a shared account in Click2Sell and that’s basically all.

I hope that you will find all this "shared account" affair to be useful and reliable and maybe it could become yet another way to do your business for you.

Why not give it a try?


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