10 Ways to Make Affiliates Loyal and Active

It is almost very simple to get affiliates for your program. If you announce that you will provide good commission for their sales and run a good joint venture campaign then you can see that hundreds of people joining your affiliate program to promote as affiliates. But however keeping them working for you is a difficult task. There are many reasons for which they might leave you. This article will provide you 10 ways to make affiliates loyal and active.

  • Good Payouts. The main reason why people join as your affiliates is that they want to earn money. So, if your competitor provides higher affiliate commissions for selling a similar product then your affiliates may stop working for you and will promote your competitor’s product. Hence to keep affiliates loyal try to provide best payout on the internet in particular more than that of your competitors.
  • Training and Support for your affiliates. Your affiliate will work for you only until he gets some good profit for promoting your product. If he doesn’t have the knowledge about your product then how can he promote it, and it would result in poor performance of the affiliate and after sometime he may lose interest in your product. So, to you’re them working for you provide a affiliate good training and support whenever they need it and also provide all the details about your product to your affiliates. If possible give them the trial version of your ebook or software to check it out for themselves.  A simple trial version or sample of your product can provide much more benefits for affiliates. This way they can gain more knowledge about your product and will continue working for you.
  • Offer Promotional Tools that make the life of affiliates easy. You should always try to help your affiliates to promote your business by providing some tools and tips. For instance you may provide the logo or the picture of your product or the banner explaining the product instead of expecting your affiliate to create them. In this way your affiliate will feel easy to work with you and will be loyal to you. Provide as much promotional tools as possible. You can easily provide the pre-written e-mail letters that could be used by affiliates during the e-mail marketing campaigns. Provide different sized banners, articles, even the best converting keywords lists for affiliates to use on pay per click campaigns. They will definitely thank you for all your efforts to help them by bringing even more sales.
  • Instant and frequent payments. Some of the affiliate programs say that they will give out the money to their affiliates only when a certain amount of money is earned as affiliate commission. The affiliates feel this system as bad one because they wish to get their money that they have earned whenever they wish. So, you have to pay them instantly whenever you receive payment request from them. This will create a good impression about you, so you can earn more loyal affiliates. You can use a good merchant – affiliate marketing system that would allow you to process all payments to affiliates.
  • Offer multiple Payment options for Affiliates. This is another way to make your affiliates loyal and active. In different parts of the world different payment options are famous or supported. So, you have to understand that and provide a lot of payment options for your affiliates which is supported by their country else initially they might work for you and in long run they will feel that transferring money from one payment processor to another is very time consuming and they have to pay heavy fees for every transaction. So, you may lose their loyalty. In order to avoid this situation you may provide many payment options for affiliates.
  • Maintain good relation with affiliates and be in touch with them. In most of the affiliate programs the product owner himself doesn’t know who his affiliates are. This is not good for a long term relationship, you should periodically encourage your affiliates and greet them and congratulate them for their good work. Contact your best performing affiliates personally and thank them. You might even consider a loyalty program – more sales an affiliate makes – a higher affiliate commission you pay to them. You can offer your affiliates incentives, reward best performing affiliates and much more.
  • Reward and encourage the best performer. The affiliates who bring many quality visitors for buying your product are the most valuable asset for you. You shouldn’t lose their loyalty at any cost. To keep affiliates loyal you should encourage them by providing some extra money for showing best performance. You can post his name on your site and create healthy completion between affiliates. Increase a commission percentage to such affiliates, so they would feel that you really care about them.
  • Help affiliates protect their commission – make sure your affiliates get rewarded. Usually people don’t wish to be referred by someone or will try to reduce the price they pay for the product by becoming an affiliate and will buy the product as if it is referred by them. This method will adversely affect the profit or commission of your affiliates and they will lose interest in this job. To keep them loyal towards you, provide some help to them by teaching link cloaking and making changes in their site for legal redirection and lots more.
  • Make them feel as a part of your business as a friend. Always get feedback and suggestion from your affiliates about how to improve the product and the sales page. They are the correct person to answer or give feedback about your product because they learn about your product and refer it to potential customers. Hence they can give better suggestions. If you provide some incentives for this then they will feel happy and work for you with loyalty.
  • Provide many promotional offers. You have to periodically introduce new promotional offers in holidays or during celebrations or whenever your sales are down. You may say that commissions are doubled for a month. So, the affiliates will work even harder for you to get more commission during that month, which in turn brings you lot of sales and it echoes for many months.

The above mentioned 10 tips are very crucial to keep your affiliates loyal towards your business and succeed.

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