7 Tips How to Manage Affiliates Successfully

Affiliates help you to sell your product or service to your customers all over the world. Hence it is very important that you increase the number of affiliates and also retain the existing ones. Its very important to know how to manage affiliates successfully and implement this knowledge in your daily job. This article gives you seven great tips to manage affiliates successfully.

  • Reward your affiliates in a way so they would feel that your product is worth being promoted! The most difficult decision to take in affiliate program is choosing correct amount of commissions for the affiliates. If you pay very little then your affiliates will lose interest in promoting your business. On the other hand if you pay more you might end up in loss. So, the ideal condition is to pay varying commission rates to different affiliates depending on their performance. In most cases you can have a test and see yourself. Offer your affiliates for example 50% of affiliate commissions if you sell digital products online. Run such affiliate program for a few months and see the response. Then increase your affiliate commission more – to 75% and see if that attracts more affiliates or makes them more ‘loyal’. Always test and see for yourself. The thing is that you have to offer your affiliates as much affiliate commissions as possible, this way they will reward you with more sales.
  • As a general rule set a default commission rate which you can afford to pay on your profits for your affiliates. From time to time give some offers, promotions and bonus and distribute around 25% more of the allotted sum. You can bump another 25% during holidays or when your sales go down. Using Click2Sell affiliate marketing network you can set default commission rate (for example 50%) for products you sell and then run advertising campaign to recruit affiliates with "Special offer" – for example "Members who sign up to promote my products will get 75% commission instead of 50%!" This or similar message may attract attention of very good and active affiliates. From your Click2Sell acocunt you will be able to manage affiliates successfully by contacting them, changing affiliate commissions, banning unwanted affiliates (for example spammers), etc. Believe me, it is really very effective. This technique will encourage the affiliates to great extent, it is better than giving the entire money as general affiliate commission.
  • You should have an affiliate approval and banning mechanisms. It should be one of the basic features of your used affiliate marketing system because if an affiliate has been using unethical means to drive traffic to your site it will not help you to enhance your sales and moreover it can damage your reputation. You should be able to ban such unwanted affiliates.
  • Always be in contact with your affiliate, it will make them feel that you are friendly, cooperative and will work for you happily. Being in contact with your affiliate would help you to receive feedback from them both good and bad, which can help you improve your affiliate program and the product or service that you offer because affiliates usually provide good tips that help you make your affiliate program more attractive and successful. So, why not to ask them?
  • It will be very useful if you trace out from where your affiliates are bringing in traffic to your site. If a particular affiliate is performing well then make sure that you trace out the traffic source. Your affiliate network (such as Click2Sell.EU) should allow you to trace all the traffic that comes to your products sales page and try to find where all the buyers are coming from. This information can help you to focus on those areas and get more profit out of it.
  • Training the affiliates can produce better results for you. No matter how best your affiliates were, providing regular trainings can improve their performance to significant level. Provide them the training materials and educate about your product or service. Also, tell them how to improve sales in order to gain more commission, what are the benefits offered to them, etc. If possible try to give them support and needed help.
  • There are lots of tools and promotion methods available. It is recommended that you try to offer many methods and tips to promote your business. For this you can use attractive banners, articles, examples of selling letters, blogs and lots more. Good promotion tool and method will definitely drive quality traffic to your site and this will convert into sales.

These seven tips will really boost your site’s traffic and product sales. You can try all these tips with slight modification according to your business needs and performance to gain the cutting edge over your competitors. But remember – only knowing how to manage affiliates successfully but doing nothing will drive you nowhere. So, log in to Click2Sell account (or Sign up if you don’t have one) and upload all tools for affiliates which you have. Start to manage affiliates!

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  1. Keith Westfall Said,

    November 8, 2008 @ 1:24 am

    Would like to see an article on the how to’s of placing your (my) product on a web site, and keep it secure while making it available for sale.


    Link cloaking
    Location on web site tree
    etc., etc.,

    It’s nice to know where and how to sell it, but you (we) never see anything about the “behind the scenes” information.

  2. get tips Said,

    January 19, 2010 @ 11:44 am

    At last, I could find your post again. You have few useful tips for my school project. This time, I won’t forget to bookmark it. :)

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