A “Must Have” Seller Toolkit for Subscriptions

Subscription module was one of the many things that got a major revamp in the new Click2Sell version which was installed on the first of November. The module was improved by a few new things, while its old features were rewritten from scratch to work more efficiently. Let's review the changes.

New features for subscriptions module

  • Trial period
    This feature was perhaps the most frequently requested thing by our users, so we are very glad to tell you that you can finally set up subscriptions with a trial period!

    So if you are selling some subscription or membership based product and want to let your customers taste the service you are providing, just set up a subscription with a trial period. All this takes only two additional clicks while configuring your subscription product in Click2Sell.

    Just check "Offer a trial period to your subscribers" checkbox once you are adding a new subscription service or editing an already existing one, and then you will be able to:

    1. offer a free trial period;
    2. charge a different amount of money for a trial period.


  • Limited amount of rebill cycles
    This feature is particularly useful when your subscription or membership needs just a few payments from your customers instead of charging them endlessly until you or a customer stops his/her subscription.

    Do you sell some coaching program which lasts for 4 months for $79 s month? Or perhaps  you let your customers to purchase your product / service by several smaller payments instead of one large payment? Then this option is definitely for you.

    Once a customer fully pays for your service, his/her subscription will be automatically stopped and there will be no more rebillings for the customer in future.

  • Subscriber page & notification emails
    Once a customer purchases a subscription from you, he/she will get a special secured page dedicated to him/her. There the customer will find all information about the subscription: its name, description, purchase time and method, vendor information and contact email, payments history, etc. If the customer wishes, he/she can cancel the subscription in that page or update expired credit card data to let his/her subscriptions continue.

    Furthermore, your customers will get email notifications from us upon every rebill. The notifications will contain all the information which is necessary to understand what the rebills were for and how to contact you if there is a need.

    All this will help you to save your subscriptions from needless cancelations or even chargebacks when people just simply forget about their ongoing subscriptions and mistakenly think that your rebills are fraudulent.


Subscription management improvements

There are more features related to subscriptions in Click2Sell system than the ones listed above. Let's review them in case you forgot them:

  • Subscriptions module
    Well, this is obvious. In Click2Sell you can manage and sell subscription based products (memberships, services requiring several payments, etc.) by just adding your product / service in to Click2Sell (5-10 minutes tops) and placing a single order button code into your website. Everything else (rebillings, "unsubscribe links", retries after failed rebills, list of subscribers) will be done automatically for you.
  • Very flexible re-billing periods
    You will not be restricted to just weekly, monthly or yearly rebilling periods as in some other software. In Click2Sell you can set up any duration of rebill cycles you want.
  • Complete list of your subscribers
    How many active or canceled subscribers you have? What are their names, contact information and statuses? Which subscriptions are the most popular? How much are you going to earn this month? The list will answer all of your questions related to your subscribers. Furthermore, there you will be able to quickly search for a particular subscriber, review his/her subscription details or cancel the subscription.

Other useful things

All my mentioned features above are directly related to subscriptions. But there are many other features or functions in Click2Sell which will greatly help you in selling your subscriptions or memberships:

  • Affiliates
    Don't be alone in selling your subscriptions, get help from others as well! Click2Sell will not only handle your subscription payments, but also reliably track promotions of your advertising partners (affiliates). So you will know exactly how many of your subscribers were referred by one or another affiliate.
  • Real-time statistics
    Stay informed about how many, where and how your subscription offer was seen by various visitors. It is not enough to know that you got, let's say, 12 new subscribers today. Did these 12 subscribers come from 100 visitors? Or from just 10.000? Where visitors come from? Are there any fluctuations in new signups (maybe weekends are more profitable)? Click2Sell real-time reports will answer all your questions.
  • Many different options where you can receive money from your sales to.
    It is up to you where you want to accept your money: Click2Sell account, PayPal (Website Payments PRO as well), Google Checkout, Moneybookers, Authorize.net, Ogone, eWay, First Data, Moneris, Worldpay, Sage Pay, PayPoint.
  • Convenient mailer to reach all your subscribers at once.
    if you got some updates in your subscription or membership, just write a message and we will mail it to all your subscribers.
  • API notifications
    Is your membership website based on user accounts? Or perhaps you create or send something to your new or existing subscribers upon their payments? API notifications are automatically sent on every subscription event (new subscription, rebill payment, failed payment, cancelation, etc.) and contain a lot of information for helping you to automate various things.

Subscription management free?!

All features, benefits and tools listed above are available for you without any additional price! Everything is included in to the same $1-$2-$3 for a sale fee. Thus you will not need to pay regular monthly fee or additional $50-$100 for every module to have all the benefits in place, no upgrade or activation fees as well. Sign up and see everything yourself!

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