Now you can sell your subscription based services on Click2Sell.EU just by having a regular Paypal account

Hello all Click2Sell.EU members!

We are proud to announce that from now on all Click2Sell.EU members are able to sell subscription based products via Click2Sell.EU marketplace just by having a regular Paypal account.

How good is this feature and how it could benefit you?

Until now all our members were able to sell subscription based products, membership access to their paid websites, databases or just simple members area and accept recurring payments from their customers. However, there was one limitation… Subscription based products could only be sold by those merchants who had, Worldpay or Paypal PRO real merchant accounts configured on Click2Sell.EU. Recurring billing option was only working for those members who had an ability to accept direct credit card payments from their members on Click2Sell.EU product checkout form.

The most merchants on Click2Sell.EU use Paypal accounts to accept payments from their customers. They don't have real merchant accounts, so our members requested to make Paypal subscriptions option working for regular accounts on Click2Sell.EU.

So… We listened to our members :)

And now we can proudly announce that you can sell subscriptions using membership management software on Click2Sell.EU – all you need is just to have a Paypal's e-mail address where to accept the recurring payments to.

Of course, if you have a merchant account, you will still be able to continue accepting direct recurring payments from your customers via Click2Sell.EU. But now, in addition to this, you will also be able to offer your customers the convenient way to make recurring payments via their Paypal accounts.

All the subscriptions are managed on Click2Sell.EU members area. You can easily view which members are 'on the list'. You are able to easily to find out who has subscribed to your service, how many of people use access to your paid membership website and you are also able to know how much you will earn (your monthly profits) by running such subscription based website.

If your subscribed member decides to unsubscribe – no problem. Click2Sell.EU system will automatically adjust all your members list, profits and everything needed. The unsubscribed member will not be charged again.

Running your online business has never been easier… Especially when you have great tools at your hand :) So we would like to thank all our members for using our service and for all the great thoughts to improve Click2Sell.EU even more. We strongly believe that with your help we will be able to build a great system to sell products online!


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