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A very frequent question that we get is something like "I added some products in my Click2Sell account, but I’m not sure if I did everything correctly". Let me answer this question to dissipate your doubt if you are wondering about the same thing.

Luckily, there is not much what you have to do in order to have "everything setup correctly". There are just a few very simple things that you have to keep in mind once you are adding a product for selling at Click2Sell:

  1. Once you finish adding your product for selling on Click2Sell, you will get unique buy button/link codes for that product. They have to be placed in your product’s website. If you won’t add Click2Sell provided "Buy Now" buttons, Click2Sell service will be useless, because we won’t be able to track sales for you and your affiliates. This is the only thing that you have to add into your website. You won’t need to alter your secret thank-you pages or anything else, there is no pixel tracking to be added somewhere.

  2. Once you add "Buy Now" buttons or links, make sure that in the same website there are no other ways for your customers to purchase your products. Click2Sell buy buttons have to be the only option for your customers. It may sound sternly, but there is a very simple reason for such requirement: we can not track sales taking place in some other system than ours, thus if your affiliate refers you a customer and the customer orders your product via some other payment system than ours, naturally we won’t register any sale for the affiliate and he/she won’t earn any commission. I bet you don’t want your business partners to lose their money.

Well, that’s all. These are the only requirements for your products and websites. You may also check some advices on optional things and find an answer to some frequently asked questions as: 

Why doesn’t my product appear in Click2Sell marketplace? It will be listed in the marketplace once it is sold at least once via Click2Sell system (test purchases are not counted as sales). Please note that product’s listing in Click2Sell marketplace is just one of many things in our system. If your product is not listed on Click2Sell marketplace, it doesn’t mean that you cannot sell it – you still can sell your products, gather your own affiliates, analyze gathered statistics and so on.

Make sure you add as much promotional materials as possible. Recruit Affiliates with banners, pre-written letters or articles, forum signatures, PPC keywords lists, custom websites. This will greatly increase interest of your potential affiliates to your product. Of course, the product and its website has to be of quite good quality.

Make a test purchase of your product. You won’t believe how many sales are lost just due to incorrectly written sellers’ PayPal email addresses. Just try a test purchase once (it never hurts) to be sure that transaction process is correct. If you can’t make a test purchase yourself, contact us via "Support" section and we will gladly help you.

Do I have to place a pixel in my thank-you page for affiliate tracking? No, you don’t have to. We use a different kind of tracking, so no need to mess with your secret pages.

Can I change images of Click2Sell Buy Now buttons? Of course! It is fairly simple and safe procedure. You may read Buy Now buttons modification article in order to know how to do that.

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