Tracking Channels For Power-Testing

One of the most powerful features of Click2Sell system is – Tracking channels. Briefly put, this feature allows you to measure your various promotion campaigns with surgical accuracy.

So, what exactly are those magic "tracking channels"? Technically speaking, it is just an upgraded link which leads your customer to your product’s sales-page. It works exactly in the same way as a normal Buy or Affiliate link for your customer. However, it is "upgraded" in that way that all visitors through the link are calculated in separate statistics. This allows you to divide your bulk traffic into many separate "channels" and thus you can see how many visitors, views and sales you get from each of channels.

Using just one tracking channel won’t give you much benefits. The strength of tracking channels lie in quantity: the more you have, the better analysis you can do. So, what you can do with them?

What’s the purpose of tracking channels?

Let me list some of the most popular uses of tracking channels. Here we go:

  1. Tracking channels allow you to track different traffic sources, advertising methods (e.g., top and bottom banners at the same website, email marketing), measure targeted traffic value, track sales sources.
  2. Make Split tests. Many people throroughly research their sales-pages, products, ads by making slight changes in:
    a) styles;
    b) texts;
    c) banners;
    d) offer’s tweaks and other improovements.
    Frequently dropping poor ones they manage to make a very refined sales-page, text ad or any other promotional material which improoves sales.
  3. It helps to find out whether your product is really in demand, what are its actual market segments (maybe other segments than you originally thought?).
    For example, perhaps your product has poor conversion just because most of traffic came from little related (to your product) websites, while there was too low traffic from highly related websites to generate enough sales.

So as you see, ultimately tracking channels help you to find out truly profitable places, thus you can concentrate on them, maximize your income and reduce your expenses.

Where can I find tracking channels in Click2Sell?

You can create tracking channels for each of your product or promotion campaign (if you are an affiliate). So naturally you need to look somewhere around them:

  • If you are a merchant and want to setup tracking channels for your products, just go to "For Merchant" section in your Click2Sell account and click on "Tracking Channels" link (just below your product picture) in products table.

  • If you are an affiliate, navigate to "For Affiliate" section and click on "Stats" link in promotions table.

Once you go there, you will see that there is one "channel" already created. It is called "Default Campaign". You can just get its link (by clicking on "Get Link") and start using it straightaway.

To create additional tracking channel you need to click on green "Add Tracking Channel" button, enter a name for your new tracking channel and you’re done! Click on "Get Link" link and you will get your newly created tracking channel URL. Put it somewhere where you would put a normal buy/affiliate link. E.g., if you just purchased advertising space somewhere, you can put tracking channel’s link there and you will be able to measure the traffic very accurately. No more guessing!

Did you see that in "Get Link" page there is a specific link which is like the first default link, but has "&checkout" ending? This is a nifty Click2Sell feature – Direct Affiliate Linking into Checkout page which automatically forwards your customers directly to product’s checkout page (especially useful for affiliates).

You can also delete or rename a tracking channel by clicking on "Edit" link in channels table.

Use hundreds of tracking channels!

Recently we did a very serious rework of tracking channels database. That means that the performance (e.g., viewing the statistics) of this page is extremely fast. You can have hundreds of different tracking channels and then review their daily, weekly, monthly, yearly (or even more) performance. It takes just a second to load yearly statistical report of hundreds tracking channels. So you can quickly review, compare and analyze your tracking channels and take the necessary actions (e.g., drop the poor ones).

Consider seriously about using this feature as it is a perfect tool to test everything in your product’s/promotion’s performance. Most of powerful sellers just love Tracking Channels feature!

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