New Feature: Direct Affiliate Linking into Product’s Checkout Page

Recently we had been working heavily on new Click2Sell system version which included many tweaks, fixes and some new features.

In this post I will speak about one new feature which is really beneficial to affiliates as it provides them some new opportunities.

Until now affiliate links pointed to merchant’s provided products sales-pages. This saved affiliates from having to create their own webpages for affiliated product.

However, more and more affiliates use the method of creating entire blogs with rich content dedicated to their promoted products and then put "buy-now" buttons with their affiliate links there.

The problem is that when an interested-to-buy reader clicks on this affiliate link, in most cases, he/she is redirected to the product’s sales page, where all the ‘story’ about the product is provided again. Some potential buyers might loose the interest in product just because of… well… poor salesletter or any other reasons.

But… wouldn’t it be great if you (affiliate) could create your own  landing page for your promoted product and then place your affiliate link as a direct buy now button? 

This would forward all potential buyers directly to checkout page from your landing page. When you have a great landing page and an ability to forward the buyers straight to the checkout page, the poor merchant’s sales pages won’t affect your promoted product’s conversion rates. 

When you have a total control over presented content on your landing page, you can easily tweak it to increase sales conversions, get better PPC campaigns scores, create a feeling that you’re a direct seller of a product.

I think that you already have an idea what feature we have just implemented.

From now all Click2Sell.EU affiliates can just add a certain variable in to their standard affiliate link and make it pointing directly to promoted product’s checkout page.

Let me show what exactly you need to do that your affiliate link would point straight to product’s checkout page.

Example affiliate link:

Visitors who come through this link will be redirected to merchant’s provided sales page.
Now, if you add "?checkout" variable at the end of that link:

such link will redirect your visitors directly into product’s checkout page.

That’s all. Nothing more to configure. All you have to do is just to add a ?checkout variable at the end of your affiliate link and your visitors will be redirected straight to the product’s checkout page.

You can also add "&checkout" variable into tracking channels.
Example tracking channel:

Tracking channel link to checkout page:

Please note that here is "&" symbol, not "?".
(We will try to unify this later).

So from now on all Click2Sell.EU affiliates have a complete control on how to promote products. You can create your own product’s landing pages and drive visitors straight to the checkout page through your affiliate links. Or you can use merchant’s provided sales-page. So no more lost customers!

We hope that our affiliates will like this nice feature.
Soon I will write about other changes. See you then!


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