Communicate with customers via purchase confirmation messages

Probably one of the most overlooked features in Click2Sell is an ability to modify purchase confirmation messages that customers get from Click2Sell.EU system after purchasing your (merchant) products.

Standard purchase confirmation message contains information about purchased product, its description, a link to the secret thank-you page, billing address and seller’s contact email. You can add or remove anything you want. As most of email reading software show HTML messages without any problem, you can create very stylish messages using HTML code if you need.

Here’s just a few benefits you can gain by customizing Click2Sell purchase notification letters:

  • Text of our standard purchase notification message has to suit needs of various sellers (digital products creators, material goods sellers, etc.), so it might not be clearly understandable for your customers. Minor tweaks of the text can be helpful for your customers.
  • Many people prefer to have some essential information about their purchases saved in their mail for future reference. Do them a favour.
  • It happens (and quite often) that buyers’ computers crash or browsers are accidentally closed just before accessing your product’s thank-you page, so buyers lose much of their purchased content. Just putting some additional information about your product in purchase confirmation messages will save your customers from such headaches and you will have to spend less time on helping such people to retrieve their paid content again.
  • Highly customized purchase notification messages will increase your product’s and your company’s brands. Comprehensive and distinctive purchase confirmation messages will make your products look well-polished and even lower your product’s refund or chargeback rate (as sometimes just a link to your thank-you page might be just not enough for your customers to understand how they can receive their purchases).

So, if you decide to customize purchase notifications, please, login to your account and go this way:

"For Merchant" -> click on product’s name -> "Customize product pages" -> "Checkout".

At the very bottom of the page you will see a field with standart text of the purchase confirmation message. A very minimum knowledge of HTML language will be enough to understand how you can alter text there.

It is not obligatory to modify standart purchase confirmation messages. But even small efforts to tweak and modify those notifications’ letters may greatly increase your customers’ satisfaction and increase your profits!

Of course, once you make changes to Click2Sell purchase confirmation messages, do not forget to make a test purchase (by using "Test Buy" feature) in order to see if your modifications are reflected correctly! Happy selling!

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