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How to promote products online from the Marketplace?


Im confused on how to promote products online. For the merchant i read the user guide but sorry i dont understand it so can you at least walk me through it
thank you

Dear Carla,

Thank you for your question and interest in Click2Sell.EU on how to promote products online. You need to login to your Click2Sell.EU account, then click on the Marketplace. You’ll be redirected to Click2Sell online marketplace and there you will find a lot of products to promote.

Please, browse through the marketplace and select the products to promote. You can use search function to find best products to promote online. Once you find an interesting product (and better – related to your website content), please, click on ‘Promote’ button. The campaign will be created for you. Then you will see a ‘Get Link’ link. Please, click on this link to receive your own unique affiliate urls.

Now, you already have your own affiliate url, so you can start driving traffic (online visitors) to these affiliate urls. If your referred customer purchases the product, you will receive your affiliate commission.

You can visti Official Click2Sell.EU Blog and read more about how to start promoting others products in Click2Sell.EU

Click2Sell.EU support team

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