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Which affiliate link to promote: should i use html link or product link?


Which affiliate link to promote: should i use html link or product link? I prefer promoting the product link but I noticed that my click2sell coding is not in the product link but it is in the html link. If I promote the product link will I get credit for a sale even though the Click2sell coding is not visible.


Dear Larry,

Thank you for your question regarding the difference between promoting plain affiliate links and provided html code with your affiliate links. You can use both of them to promote products online. If you want, you can promote your plain affiliate product link which has this structure: .

Promote such link online: in forums, use pay per click campaigns to drive traffic, etc. You can also use the provided html code with your buy now links, but such links are meant to use on your websites. So if you do not intend to promote selected products on your website, simply – just use a plain affiliate link. One way or the other you can be sure that you will always be credited if you make sales.

I hope this answers all your questions.

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