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Who can use click2sell


Who can use click2sell? is it ok to use your service if i am from USA and if i want to sell to
USA customers? Aalso, can i still sell my services in other affiliate networks? please confirm. thanks

Hello John,

thanks for contacting us!

That’s perfectly fine regarding your first question who can use click2sell. There are no restrictions about sellers’ and buyers’ countries, so anyone can use Click2Sell. It’s just important that merchant or affiliate had PayPal and/or Moneybookers accounts. So as USA resident merchant you can sell your products to any customers across the world.

Regarding your other question about using other affiliate networks i can say that it depends on some circumstances. You can sell your product at many affiliate networks as you want as long you have a separate landing page with Click2Sell “buy-now” buttons for your product. In other words, visitors have to see only Click2Sell buy-now button in your product’s sales-page and no more other buttons. Such restriction is
required to ensure that our affiliates will be credited for every their referred buyer. Having 2 different affiliate netwoks’ “buy-now” buttons in one sales-page dramatically increase the risk of “leaked” sales. So, we do not allow this. However, if you provide a separate product’s page where would be Click2Sell “buy-now” button only, then you can sell your product in various networks.

If you have more questions or need further explanations, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis
Click2Sell.EU – Innovative Affiliate Programs Network

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