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Promote products from other networks


Hello, I am a merchant and have a digital product which is bringing in
about $11,000 per month in sales from another affilate marketing
company on the net. I would like to know if you would accept my
digital product to be marketed,by your affiliates even though it is
being market elsewhere. thankyou for your time

There are no problems with the product being promoted in other networks.
You will just need to make sure that there is Click2Sell “buy-now”
button only in your product’s sales-page. If you have other payment
methods or use a shopping cart which you don’t want to abandon, then you
can create a separate page for that product with Click2Sell “buy-now”

Our system provides a lot of clarity for affiliates, so they can easily
find out how profitable is one or another product in general.
If a merchant just list his/her product in our marketplace and doesn’t
do anything more (i.e. making some his/her own sales through Click2Sell
“buy-now” button), then the product has just zeros in its statistics, so
naturally it will get very little attention of affiliates.

It is also important to provide as much promotional material as
possible, because a bare product without any promotional material scares
away many potential affiliates.

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