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Where can I find promotional tools for products?


Another Question: do you know where i can find banners for the
products im promoting?

Dear Cristian,

You are welcome. We are here to always help you :) Merchants provide banners
and other promotional material on their websites (in most cases). However,
you can also search for promo stuff by navigating to the Marketplace, then
click on ‘More Info’ link nearby a certain product and on that page (if
merchant has uploaded) you might
find promotional tools such as banners, etc. For those products which have
promotional tools you will find red links such as ‘Banners’, ‘Articles’,

You can use them to promote that product. In case you don’t find the promo
stuff, you can easily contact the merchant and ask you to provide those
I’m sure that most merchants will be helpful.

If you have any other questions or just anything, please, let me know.


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