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Affiliate – what to do?


i wonder if how will i promote you c2s and how my affiliate work?
because i click the promote box and i goes on my for affiliate then
what will the next im going to do please help me im stuck. thanks

Once you click on “Promote” link in the marketplace, your unique
affiliate links will be shown. You need to write down this link, because
it is not automatically shown in “For Affiliate” section. Your chosen
product will be shown in “For Affiliate” section only after you refer at
least 1 visitor.

You need to place your affiliate link somewhere (in a website, in an
article and publish it, send it to your mailing list, in ads systems).
Basically, what you need to do is to make sure that people would click
on your link and go through it to your promoted product’s website. If
then they make some purchases, you will be credited with your earned

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