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Affiliate promotional tools location


Hi Egidijus,

Thank you for the information about the cookies. Sounds like a good compromise.

And thanks for your offer to help. Right now I am completely confused.

I just finished setting up about 50 products – we have both digital and physical versions of most of them, and for the physical products I have to set up 2 of each – one with postage for the US, the other with postage to other countired, which is about 4 times more.

Some of the products I have set up some promotional tools – pictures (banners).

So now I figure it is time to go looking to see what the affiliates see. That is where I am lost.

I went to the marketplace and clicked on some products to promote. That takes me to a page in the Affiliate section where I can get the code for a button to link to the product page.

But that’s all. Where do I find the tools – the emails and banners and other items to use to promote that product?

The only two links in the For Affiliate section of your web site are that one that gives me the button code and nothing else, and one that takes me back to the marketplace.

The products I went to, I didn’t find any way to add them to the list of products I promote.

How does that work? We have many instructors all over the world and I want to get them to sell these products on their web sites, so I want to know how to direct them to the correct place.

I am setting up a web site that will list all of our products, with links to your site to get their Buy Now codes, etc.

One of our products that has some banners in the Tools section.

Anyway, can you guide me to a link that has the full information for our products. Then I will be able to set up links for all the other products.

Thanks, I appreciate the help. There are other things I am also confused about, but I will just take them one at a time.

Better and better


Dear Ed,

Thank you for your e-mail. Now I would like to answer all your questions one by one and help you out setting up your products on Click2Sell.EU. The 1st question you asked was how to find e-mails, banners and other promotional content that you have provided for your affiliates. It’s very simple: just navigate to the marketplace, search for your product and click on the ‘More Info’ link to get more information about the product. There you will see Banners, E-mail letters, etc. links (red links) on that page. Please, click on them and you will see your banners and other promotional tools that you have provided. Currently we are changing this section to make it a bit easier to find for all people :)

Regarding the product’s addition to the list of ‘promoted products': when you click on ‘Promote’ link on the Marketplace to select and promote product online, you are automatically provided with all affiliate links. So you have to take them and start promoting your selected product. When you bring at least 1 visitor to your unique affiliate link, the product will be added to the list of your promoted products and you will be able to see it’s campaign in For Affiliate –> Promoted Products section.

So basically all you have to do now is just to place payment buttons on your products’ sales pages, add page for ‘Affiliates’ to signup (you can find your own pre-made page for affiliates in For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings section) and then start promoting it online.

We have Click2Sell.EU Developers blog with lots of information about Click2Sell.EU system: . There you can find all the latest news, information on how to add your products to the system and many other useful resources.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know. I will guide you through all the process :)


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