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How to sell music via Click2Sell



Thanks man, u deff helped, just had to read it a few times. i saw it @ th top of the page.

I got a question for you. Im selling Music/beats throughthis page and i want a licence agreement to pop up first. Do u guys supply an additional page where i can upload my License agreement file, and the person has to check/agree to it before purchase??..and if so would a conformation be sent to my email?? any way to incorparate that??? Thanks

I’m very glad to hear that you managed to place buy now buttons successfully. Please, show me your page and I will personally check them out to see if you have placed buy now button correctly. Now, regarding the licence agreement: if you want to have such page pop-up before the purchase, just make a separate page with that licence agreement. I suggest you doing this:
1) Create a page with a licence agreement and place your Click2Sell.EU buy now button on it – in the good and visible place
2) Now, place buy now button link on your main sales page. This link should direct to your licence agreement page.

So when you customer visits your website and reads the sales page, he/she would find a buy now link. The visitor would click on a link which leads directly to licence agreement page to read that licence. On this licence page there is a buy now button to your products checkout page on Click2Sell.EU, so your customer will be able to read the licence and then buy your product. This is the easiest way you can implement this.

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