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Question regarding payment buttons on a sales page


Hello Egidijus,
It’s me again.
Before we went on this trip I told you about. I unchecked “show product at the marketplace”
I assumed that meant that affiliates would not see the products and that I would finish the
correct page when I get back today. Was I wrong to uncheck “show product at the marketplace”
so no one would be confused? I figured that once I finish the necessary steps, I would check the box.

The files are quite large and it had taken me quite a while to up load to my hosting company.

Today, I will create the download page and make this all active.

P.S. Hope to hear from you.

Great to hear that you have hidden your product tempory to make all the necessary changes and fixes. Yes, you can use this ‘show product at the marketplace’ tickbox to show/hide your product on Click2Sell.EU marketplace. Once you uncheck this box, then your product will not be displayed on the Marketplace. So now you can upload all your product’s files to your hosting company, set up the correct thank-you page and sales page with buy now buttons. Once you have everything up and running correctly, please, tick this ‘Show product at the Marketplace’ tickbox again to re-activate your product.

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