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Product not in marketplace


Can a product not in the marketplace still be processed by the system? I have a special group that will be using this service. Thanks, James

Dear James,

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, of course. If you want, you can unselect the tickbox “Show product on the Marketplace” during the product’s addition steps and then your product won’t be shown on the Marketplace, however it will function without any problem. This way you can have your special group promote that product. It is not necessary to show the product on a marketplace.

Simply just add your product to the system and provide your affiliates their links: I.e.:
Where affiliate is affiliate’s login to Click2Sell.EU, productid = your accounts login + first 3 letters of your product’s name. James, I hope this answers all your questions. If you have anything more to add, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you.


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