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Can I receive an affiliate commission to Moneybookers if merchant pays via Paypal only?


if Merchant Pays Via Paypal and I only have Moneybookers account can I receive that comission on moneybookers account and do i pay some fee?

Thank you for your questions and interest in Click2Sell.EU. The majority of Click2Sell.EU merchants pay via Paypal, however, if you want to make sales and you have only Moneybookers account – it’s no problem. In that case the merchant will pay you to your Moneybookers account or contact us to tell that he can’t pay. Then we will arrange a payment through us. The merchant will send your affiliate commission to us and then we will pay you to your Moneybookers account. You can be sure that you will definitely receive your affiliate commission payment. For this case we usually suggest vendors to use Hybrid payments and selling plan, so affiliates won’t experience any difficulties.

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