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How to pay affiliates?


I tried to pay the four people again with mass payment and it sent me back to the same page showing
I did not pay them. I didn’t want to keep trying to pay it out just in case it would possibly over
charge me.

Talk soon,

Hi Michael,

There might be a few reasons why you were not able to pay some of your affiliates via Mass Pay:
a) they might be accepting payments via in other currencies than USD (for example EUR). In that case Paypal tries to take the money from your EUR account balance. If you don’t have any EUR on your Paypal account, then it won’t be able to pay your affiliate. In order to fix this, simply open a EUR or GBP account on Paypal and add enough funds for a mass payment.
b) affiliates might be accepting the payments via i.e. Moneybookers. Mass Payment feature works for those affiliates who use Paypal to accept payments.

In order to complete the payments for these 4 affiliates, simply use a simple Pay button and then see if they use Paypal or Moneybookers to accept payments, then use the appropriate payment method to make a payment.

Please, try again and let me know. If you have any difficulties paying your affiliates, just let me know and I will personally help you out.


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