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Different size affiliate commissions?



I recently made a sale for this product. The product this merchant sells is worth 49.97, my last sale for this product netted $1.24. how is this possible if the payout = 50% ?


Hi Aaron,

We’ve just checked your account and noticed that you have sold a paper-back version of that ebook, while promoting the digital one. You see, the digital version of that e-book is listed on the Marketplace and you started promoting it, however, the customer ordered not your promoted product, but the other one (material version of the product). Merchant pays 50% commissions for making a sale for a digital product, while it pays only 5% for referring a sale for his material version of that product.

So you promoted one product, but the customer bought another. That’s why you see only $1.24 for your profits. We credit affiliates for all sales – no matter if they promote that certain product or not.
I hope this answers all your questions. In case you have any other questions or just anything else, please, let me know.


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