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Multiple products on the same website


I am an affiliate of the 6 Shooter Tattoo kit and I noticed that when the site is accessed with my six shooter link a web page opens which lists many of the products sold by merchant and the six shooter is listed last on the site. Given the way this is presented, the customer I am sending to the site is most probably going to purchase some other product before he or she reaches the six shooter. I noticed that most of the other products he is offeing are also listed as possible affiliate products but each has a different link. This seems like a bad arrangement unless the merchant will pay a commision back to the affiliate who generated the visit for any of the products sold during that visit. Is that the case or not ? Today as an example I have generated over 40 visits, but reflecting no sales, which is very possible, but it may also be that my referal is purchasing a different product during the visit? How does this particular site handle this type of situation?

Dear Mel,

Thank you for your questions regarding multiple products on the same website. I perfectly understand your question. Click2Sell.EU system has been designed in a way to assign all affiliates for their referred sales. This means that even if you refer a visitor who ends up purchasing another product on the same website (even though you do not promote that certain product), you will definitely get credited for selling that product. Actually you can simply promote only one certain product/affiliate link, however if your referred customer orders another product – you will still be credited. So don’t worry about people buying other products. You will definitely get the payment if you refer a sale.

I hope this answers your questions clearly. If you have any other questions or just need some help with Click2Sell.EU, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!


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