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Difference between Click2Sell affiliate links


Thank you, that did help, but now I have another question, here is another link I found in your site that says I should copy and use it for refering members.
I am a complete newbie but an intelligent one and learn fast. I hope you dont get upset with me asking these questions, but I’ll never know unless I ask. I have very limmited income and dont have much for advertising. Can I promote this on traffic exchanges? <a href=’’Sign Up</as? here is the link I was refering to.

Is this the link I use to promote my site, or the one that ends in eu? I have already entered my URL link in a traffic exchange, the one ending in eu, but when I click on my own link the web site does come up, but in the browser I dont see anything linking me to the site to where I would get credit for promoting. I hope I havent confused you. I’m confused some and just trying to make sense of it all untill I fully understand this.


Dear William,

It’s always better to ask than go through trial & error :) However, it looks like you have taken your Click2Sell.EU Referral program link and placed it on traffic exchanges. This link does not bring visitors to your promoted product’s sales page, but this is the link for people to refer other people to Click2Sell.EU. If that’s what you want – great, use this link as your Click2Sell.EU Referral program link and refer other people to Click2Sell. You can use all traffic methods you want – even traffic exchanges. However, not much people are actually interested when traffic exchanges are used since they visit the website only to get a visit to theirs.

Now, if you want to promote 6 by Six Millions product, just navigate to Click2Sell.EU Marketplace and search for this 6by Six millions product. Then click on Promote and your own affiliate links to promote this product will be provided. Just take them and start advertising. You will see a buy now button at the bottom of a sales page, so if someone of your referred people clicks on it and orders the product, you will get an affiliate commission.

I hope this answered all your questions. If you have anything more to add or just need some help, please, let me know. I will personally help you out!


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