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Different between Click2Sell affiliate links


Hi click 2 sell,

I just signed up and am not sure wich link I am to promote. Do I promote the link that ends with eu, or the one that ends with check out.
thank you

Dear William,

Thank you for your questions and interest in Click2Sell.EU. Click2Sell provides you 2 different affiliate links to promote for the same product. One affiliate link (standard) ends up with eu and the other one ends up with a checkout token. The first link (ends with eu) should be used in most cases when you whan to promote this product online. When visitor enters this affiliate link, it will be brought to the promoted product’s sales page to read and order it.

The link with checkout token at the end brings the customer straight to the product’s checkout page bypassing a sales page. Use this link only if you plan to create your own sales pages/landing pages for affiliated products and want to bypass the merchants website.

I hope this answered all your questions. If you need some more help, please, let me know.


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