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How to direct visitors into checkout page bypassing a sales page via affiliate link


Is there a way to drive traffic to someones offer BUY page without going to their sales page?
I have created my own “pitch page” and want to drive people from that directly to click2sell. I copied the link from the original sale page and used that but I am checking stats and I am getting a lot of clicks on my ad but the stats are not showing up on here. So, I am assuming I am sending traffic but it’s not picking up my affiliate ‘cookie’.
I should mention, the guy offering the product knows I am doing this and is okay with it.

Dear Robert,

Thank you very much for your question on how to drive visitors straight to Click2Sell.EU product’s checkout page. It’s really great that you create your own pitch – landing pages for products. Now, all you have to do is just to add a simple ?checkout token at the end of your affiliate link and all the visitors will be directed straight to the order page bypassing the merchant’s sales page.

For example: if your affiliate link looks similar to this
simply add a small token at the end of this url

and all the visitors will be directed straight to the product’s order page.
You can find such affiliate link, just navigate to: For Affiliate –> My Campaigns –> Links page and you will find your direct link to product’s checkout page under this: Your affiliate link (directly to product’s checkout page).

Now, please, tell me: do you use any sort of link cloaking, etc? If so, could you please, show me your affiliate links? Iframes are bad for cloakings, so make sure if you use link cloakings, do not use it with iframes.

You can check it out if affiliate cookie is ‘picked up’ by the system: just clean your browsers cookies first, then enter your affiliate link (whether the standard one or that one that leads straight to the checkout) and check for affiliate: Your Name at the bottom of the page. You should definitely see your name. If there is no name, then it means that you are using bad cloaking methods, while if you see your name – your affiliate link works just fine.

Robert, if you have any other questions or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!


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