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Link cloaking and email marketing


Hello Support Team,

As a new affiliate of your system allow me to take some questions.

1. Is there any way of link cloaking that is not allowed (legally, theoretically or that causes conflict with your programs)? As an old affiliate with many marketing programs I use different cloaking scripts, programs, javascripts and html codes.

2. I use email marketing in a successful way. The Agreement that I signed expresses/mentions only direct web page links (in 8.1 paragraph) but does not exclude email marketing. Which is your policy?

3. In my affiliate marketing I usually buy generic domains and redirect them to my affiliate links. I advertise my own domains online and offline with all possible methods (printed classified ads, leaflets, online ezine ads, banner exchange, email, etc.) There is anything that is against your policy and terms of use?

4. As you regulate it affiliates cannot change the measure of any picture/banner that vendors offer as affiliate material. However, can I myself create banners and use them in my marketing in any measure (or I can use only those tools that the merchants offer)?

5. Finally, can I use Adsense or any other PPC methods to generate traffic to the given web site of the merchant directly or through my generic domain/affiliate website indirectly?

I can start a successful and safe affiliate marketing with merchants of your system when I correctly know the answers to these questions.


Dear Pal,

Thank you very much for all your questions – they are really smart and unique, so I would like to answer them one by one, so you would have a better overall picture what is possible on Click2Sell.EU.
1) All safe ways of affiliate link cloaking is allowed on Click2Sell.EU. Just make sure that your cloaking method does not overwrites/overrides cookies, etc. Iframe (when the actual affiliate link is loaded in a framed page) cloakings are not allowed since it confuses the system and you might not credited properly. All other safe cloaking methods are allowed. When you use a certain cloaking method, just cloak your link first and then enter your cloaked affiliate link to be redirected to the merchant’s website. Then click on the order button and you will be taken to the products checkout page. Search for Affiliate: Your Name line. If you can find an affiliate’s line then it means that the cloaking is working just fine and the system is able to track referred visitors without any problems.

2) You can cloak and use your affiliate links in all of your marketing campaigns (e-mail marketing included) without any restrictions. As I mentioned above, just make sure that your cloaking method does not mess with a tracking system.

3) No, you can use any methods you want to drive traffic to your affiliate links: you can buy expired domains, advertise them online and offline to bring visitors. As long as these are legal ways of advertising, you are allowed to promote your affiliate links without any restrictions.

4) Of course you can create your own banners or any other promotional content to advertise/promote the merchant’s product. You can create banners, articles or even your own landing pages for your promoted affiliate product. Click2Sell.EU provides you with an ability to direct visitors straight to the product’s checkout page via affiliate link bypassing the merchant’s website. Just add /?checkout string at the end of your affiliate link and you will be able to drive visitors right into the promoted product’s checkout page. This feature is very useful if you create your own landing pages and want to bypass the merchant’s sales page.

5) Yes, you can use Pay Per Click advertising companies such as Adwords or Y! Search Marketing to drive traffic to your websites and/or affiliate links both directly and indirectly.

Pal, the only thing we do not allow is spamming. All other methods are allowed on Click2Sell.EU. So you can be sure that you will get your affiliate commissions without any problems. If you have any other questions or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!


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