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Methods of promotion


What methods of promotion are allowed in the click2sell affiliate marketing network? Do you allow direct linking from search engine marketing, contextual advertising…? You do state that incentivized marketing is not acceptable. Is this up to the seller or are these methods of promotion not permitted? Do you have Account Managers or do we deal with the AM of the promotions we choose to promote? Please excuse the questions but I want to be clear before getting started.

Thank you for your support!

Dear Leonard,

Thank you for all your questions, that really make sense. Now I would like to explain everything regarding possible methods of promotion. You can use ALL available legal methods of promotion to promote products from Click2Sell online marketplace to potential customers: use pay per click campaigns on Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search marketing networks to drive traffic, article marketing, e-mail marketing, place banner ads on your websites. Of course, you can use direct linking from search engines – contextual advertising services, etc. You can promote your affiliate links whatever method you want, however, you cannot use any illegal promotion methods such as spam. If you have any questions about a certain product, you can easily contact the merchant and ask the questions. I’m sure that all merchants will do their best to answer them and help you out.

If you have anything more to add, please, let me know.

Click2Sell.EU Support Team

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