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Is PPC, CPA Banner Space on Related Websites traffic allowed


Greetings: I do have some Per Pay Click advertising experience with Google Adwords. If Adwords traffic is exceptable, would I be able to link directly to any of the offers I choose to promote? I also like promoting by demographically searching out those websites that are closely related to the offer I’m promoting and negociating banner space on that site, usually on a CPM basis. Is this method of traffic generation exceptable on some of the offers within your marketplace? Thank you for your time

Thank you for your questions regarding Adwords and other pay per click traffic. Yes, of course all pay-per-click campaign traffic is acceptable. We encourage our merchants and affiliates use pay per click advertising in order to increase sales. You will be able to link directly to your promoted products – sales pages – and additionally on Click2Sell.EU you can drive targeted traffic right into the product’s checkout pages – bypassing the merchant’s sales page. This way you can even create your own landing pages and link directly to checkout with your affiliate id.

You can also advertise your affiliate links on websites related to the offers, etc. So all legitimate traffic is allowed.
The only thing that we do not allow and ban our users is for the spamming activities.

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