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Cannot issue Paypal refunds



I tried to issue a refund by clicking the Issue Refund button but nothing
happened so I’ve had
to issue the refund in Paypal. I still need to flag them in your system
though so that I don’t
need to pay affil commission or have any charges for them.

For all of these I tried the refund button without success. I use Firefox
if that makes any difference?


Dear Chris,

Thanks for letting us know this. Please, navigate to: My Profile –> My
Payment Processors section on your Click2Sell.EU account and click on
Paypal’s e-mail. Please, check if your API credentials are entered. I guess
you haven’t entered your Paypal API credentials, so our system cannot
connect via background to Paypal and issue refunds when you click on
‘Refund’ button on Click2Sell.EU. In order to make refunds work for you,
just follow the instructions and enter all required API information and save

Once you have done it, the refund buttons will work automatically. Anyway,
since you issues the refunds via Paypal already, you don’t need to do
anything additionally, since our system automatically receives all
transaction notifications from Paypal, so your transactions should be
already adjusted and marked as refunded on Click2Sell.EU system. You can
check this out by selecting to ‘Include Refunds’ on the Transaction Report.

Chris, if you have any other questions or just need some help, please, let
me know. I will do my best to help you!


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