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Refund procedure


What is your policy and procedure for refund? Someone is asking for a refund.

Dear Eduardo,

The refund policy is very simple: it all depends on you. Since you receive payments straight to your account, you are the one to decide whether to refund the payment (or not).
If you want to refund your customer, simply just visit your Transaction report and search for that certain transaction/customer. Once you find it, please, click on the transaction and you will see the details and all transaction information. At the bottom of transaction information page you will see a button to ‘Refund’ the transaction. Please, click on it and the customer will be refunded automatically. Note: make sure you have your Paypal API credentials entered on Click2Sell.EU system, otherwise the refunds won’t work automatically and you will have to visit your Paypal account and search for that certain transaction to refund money. You can check if you have Paypal API entered (or enter that data if you haven’t done so) by navigating to: My Profile –> My Payment Processors –> Paypal section.

If you need help refunding your transaction, please, let me know. I will personally help you out.


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