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Payment processor on site gives invalid link



I just signed up for your company when I test the payment process on the page it works fine however once I put the link on my website it does not below is the error I am given. I am gonna have to take the payment processor off my site until I can get it to work thanks. (The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.)

Dear Jason,

I have checked your account and product and found that you have configured the product incorrectly. As I see, you want to sell your product as a ‘subscription’, so you have entered: charge 100$ for first 150 years and then 100$ for every 111 years . As you see, this is not correct. 150 years of 111 years are unrealistic time periods, that’s why Paypal gives you an invalid link error.

If you want to sell your product online for just 1 time payment, please, use ‘downloadable’ product’s selection. If your product requires a recurring billing, then please, enter the real time periods: for example use charge $100 for first 1 year instead of just writing 360 days. I think you’ve got the point. If you still have a problem with this, please, let me know the time periods for your product, then I will personally help you out to set up your product correctly.


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