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How recurring billing orders are handled?


Hi, i’d like to know how recurring billing orders are handled on Click2Sell. Do I need a payment processor for recurring billing orders option to work? Do you integrate with paypal? I mean paypal and recurring billing? As that is not possible in other systems. Who handles the actual paymet? I would like to get the best all in one solution. Thanks!

Hi Frank,

Since you already have Paypal account, that is enough to run your subscription based product on Click2Sell Affiliate Marketing Network. Our system is integrated with Paypal subscriptions payment option, so our system handles all recurring billing orders and pass the information to Paypal for recurring charges.

If you have Paypal PRO, or Worldpay merchant accounts you can also set them up on Click2Sell. This way you will be able to accept direct credit card payments from your customers. Since you will have a recurring billing product, you will be able to signup your customers right on Click2Sell.EU checkout page. Your customers will enter their credit card information and our system will authorize the transaction and then re-bill every X (specified number) days. The payment will be handled by Paypal or your other merchant account which will be configured on Click2Sell. Our system will manage the subscription transaction.

So, you can use Click2Sell.EU to sell recurring billing products without any problems.


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