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What is Conversion Rate? What is Refund Rate?


I’m new to affiliate marketing, so would like to know what is conversion rate and what is refund rate? I would also like to know how to find out the refund rate i.e. products that are sent back for refund. Thank you for your time. Hasan.


Conversion % – is a conversion rate that shows how well the product converts with a bulk traffic (visitors). 1% conversion rate means that 1 visitor from 100 visitors orders the product on average. Conversion rate is only an approximate measure since it depends on the traffic’s quality and the product’s sales page on how well it converts. Some affiliates can get only 0.1% conversions, while other affiliates might get 2-5% conversion rate for the same product. So actually it depends on many factors, but driving a quality traffic (interested in certain subject visitors) will definitely bring the conversion percentages much higher. Also, conversion rate will be higher if you write very good sales page and convince the reader to buy your product.

Refund rate is calculated also as a percentage. It depends on how many customers ask for a money back from the merchant out of 100 sales. Refund rate index is also only approximate, because sometimes there are unfair customers who pay money, buy the product and then immediately ask the money back for digital products from the merchants (not because the product is of poor quality, but because they try to get the product for free…).

You could also try searching on for “Conversion rate” or “Refund rate” definitions. If you have any more questions, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!

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