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Does this site really work


I was wondering what it takes to make money as an affiliate of your
program. I find it odd that I have over 700 hits on the products I
promote, but I have yet to make a sale. Is it because I’m doing
something wrong.

The most likely reason is that your referred traffic is of poor quality.
Quantity of visitors means quite little these times, there are quite a
lot of affiliates who refer ten thousands of visitors and still don’t
make a single sale. That’s just because they bring in a very generic
crowd of people who are simply uninterested in random products.
Many successful affiliates concentrate on referring quite little
traffic, but very very targeted. In this way they can generate 2-5 sales
from each 100 visitors.
Of course, targeted traffic is usually quite expensive, but it just
deliver you sales, while untargetted traffic is simply useless.

I see that you try to promote a lot of different products. You should
concentrate on just a few of them, try PPC campaigns for them, create
mini-websites for them (and use direct linking to product’s checkout),
research potential places where you could reach people who would be
interested in buying your promoted products.

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