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How to promote products online from the Marketplace?

Im confused on how to promote products online. For the merchant i read the user guide but sorry i dont understand it so can you at least walk me through it
thank you

Dear Carla,

Thank you for your question and interest in Click2Sell.EU on how to promote products online. You need to login to your Click2Sell.EU account, then click on the Marketplace. You’ll be redirected to Click2Sell online marketplace and there you will find a lot of products to promote.

Please, browse through the marketplace and select the products to promote. You can use search function to find best products to promote online. Once you find an interesting product (and better – related to your website content), please, click on ‘Promote’ button. The campaign will be created for you. Then you will see a ‘Get Link’ link. Please, click on this link to receive your own unique affiliate urls.

Now, you already have your own affiliate url, so you can start driving traffic (online visitors) to these affiliate urls. If your referred customer purchases the product, you will receive your affiliate commission.

You can visti Official Click2Sell.EU Blog and read more about how to start promoting others products in Click2Sell.EU

Click2Sell.EU support team


Do I have to have a website to promote products?

Do I have to have a website to promote products?

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your questions. No, you don’t need to have a website to promote products as affiliate. If you want to sell products as affiliate, just go to the Marketplace and search for interesting products. Once you find an interesting product to promote, please, click on ‘Promote’ link. You will be given your own affiliate links.Then you will have to advertise these links using your mailing list (if you have), blog posting, or you can consider to build your own wensite to promote products (but it’t not a must) etc., and start driving quality traffic.

You can use plain affiliate links in forum signatures, pay per click campaigns, etc. to drive traffic to your affiliate links. Please, access one of your affiliate links yourself. You will notice that the visitor is redirected to the product’s sales page. If your referred visitor buys a product, you will earn an affiliate commission.

The provided buy now buttons can be used on your website if you have one or you can replace them with your own. But as I mentioned, you don’t need to have a website to promote products with affiliate links since each affiliate link directs the visitor to the product’s sales page.

Sharon, I hope I have answered all your questions. If you have anything more to add or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!


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Click2sell Affiliate Promotion

Rather than selecting specific products to promote, can I simply refer
customers to the Click2sell Marketplace & earn commission? If so, what
will be the affiliate set up link for that?

Currently it is not possible to promote products and the marketplace in
such general way.
It is so because the marketplace is designed specifically for
affiliates, not for common buyers. It is not convenient to do shopping
there, so there would be very little sales. It would be just
unprofitable to promote just the marketplace.

However, I want to mention that if you promote some certain products,
but your referred person buys another product (which you don’t promote,
but it is also sold via Click2Sell system), then you will get a
commission nevertheless. So you don’t lose money in such case.


Does this site really work

I was wondering what it takes to make money as an affiliate of your
program. I find it odd that I have over 700 hits on the products I
promote, but I have yet to make a sale. Is it because I’m doing
something wrong.

The most likely reason is that your referred traffic is of poor quality.
Quantity of visitors means quite little these times, there are quite a
lot of affiliates who refer ten thousands of visitors and still don’t
make a single sale. That’s just because they bring in a very generic
crowd of people who are simply uninterested in random products.
Many successful affiliates concentrate on referring quite little
traffic, but very very targeted. In this way they can generate 2-5 sales
from each 100 visitors.
Of course, targeted traffic is usually quite expensive, but it just
deliver you sales, while untargetted traffic is simply useless.

I see that you try to promote a lot of different products. You should
concentrate on just a few of them, try PPC campaigns for them, create
mini-websites for them (and use direct linking to product’s checkout),
research potential places where you could reach people who would be
interested in buying your promoted products.


Payment threshold to receive payments?

Dear Sirs, What is the minimum payment Threshold and how I receive my money if I have some sells? Are you sending cheques or will I get my money by direct deposit? Please advice! thanks

First of all, I would like to know what would you like to do on Click2Sell.EU – sell your products online or promote products as affiliate from our Marketplace? If you are a merchant, then you will set up your Paypal, Moneybookers or any other payment processor account to accept payments. You will receive payments right after the sale to your account.
If you would like to promote products as affiliate from the Marketplace, then you will receive your affiliate commission payment within 21 day after the end of the month. For example, for all sales made on October, you will receive your affiliate commission until the 22nd of November. For some products you might receive the payment on the 1st day of November, while for others you might receive a payment on 21st of November. One way or the other – there are no minumum payment thresholds on Click2Sell.EU. You will get your earned money right into your Paypal or Moneybookers account regardless of the amount. All your payments will be made to your specified Paypal or Moneybookers account.

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