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How Product Conversion Rates are Measured?


Hello, How do you determine the “conversion rates” of your products? Does your “conversion rate” stat strictly measure “buyers versus visitors” or or “opt-in + buyers versus visitors”? How up to date are your “conversion rate” statistics? Thank You

Thank you for your question regarding conversion rates on Click2Sell.EU marketplace for products. Currently all product’s conversion rates are measured by taking the number of sales and dividing that number by the number of all visitors to the sales page – via affiliate links and direct visitors. The conversion rates are for bulk product’s traffic, so a lot of products have quite low rates since a lot of affiliates use auto traffic such as autosurfing, etc. to promote products and this way the conversion rate is decreased. With the targeted and quality traffic the conversion rates are much much higher. Currently we will be tweaking the conversion rates on the marketplace to reflect the real product’s conversion stats with quality traffic. Conversion rates are updated once a week on the Marketplace.

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