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6 x 6 millions


Hello My name is Charles and I am trying to promote the 6by 6 millions package but I am unclear on how to do it when I send the information to prospects I no that I am to cut and paste my affiliate url in the message but where do I get the scriipt? Also do I need to sign up as a merchant and affiliate? Please send step by step instructions.

Dear Charles,

Thank you for your question regarding the promotion of 6By Six Millions product. In order to start promoting it, you must signup on Click2Sell.EU as an affiliate. Actually, accounts for both merchants and affiliates are the same. So once you have a Click2Sell.EU account, please, navigate to the marketplace and search for 6By keyword. The search results will show you your desired product. If you have troubles finding the product, please, navigate through the marketplace and you will find this product ranked at around 43rd place. So once you find this product, please, click on ‘Promote’ link nearby. Your own personal affiliate links will be created, i.e. .

Now, please, take this link and start advertising it to interested people: you can send e-mail messages with your affiliate link placed, you can use this link to advertise on pay per click campaigns, forums, etc. All you have to do is just to start driving people to your links and if they buy your promoted product, then you will earn an affiliate commission.

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