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How to start selling products on Click2Sell


Hi im not really sure what i’m sapose to be doing. how do i start i tryed but i dont know where im sapose to copy the link to can someone please tell me what i do to start thanks !!

I would like to know what would you like to do on Click2Sell.EU – sell your own product (as a merchant) or promote other people products as affiliate?

If you want to sell products on your own, then navigate to:
For Merchant –> Add Product
and follow all the steps to add your product.Once you finish, you will be provided with buy now buttons to place on your website. You will have to copy and paste the provided code on your product’s sales page file. Then upload your sales page to your web server and then you will be able to accept payments from customers, run affiliate program.

If you want to sell products as affiliate, just navigate through the Marketplace and search for products of your interest. Once you find an interesting product to promote, please, click on ‘Promote’ link nearby. You will be given your own affiliate links. All you will have to do with these links is just to advertise and start driving traffic. If your referred visitor buys the product, you will get an affiliate commission.

You can advertise your link using pay per click campaigns, such as Google Adwords or Y! Search marketing, etc. You can also post it to the forums related to your promoted product. You can use article marketing to drive traffic to your affiliate links. All you have to do is just to start promoting your affiliate link and refering visitors.

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