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Question Regarding Promoting Products


Hello Support,

Yes I am an affiliate who would like to start promoting products (sold by other people) and earn commission. I would like to find out about the codes you mentioned to promote the products , is it the number on the left side of the porducts, the campaign links or what codes do we have to use. If we place ads, do these links have to appear in each ad we place or just my link, so that if any one gets into my site they will be able to see everything and perhaps sign up as an affiliate. Thank you,


Dear Urszula,

In order to promote products as affiliate and get the right affiliate links just use these steps:
Just navigate through the Marketplace and search for products of your interest. Once you find an interesting product to promote, please, click on ‘Promote’ link nearby. You will be given your own affiliate link. Then you will have to advertise these links and start driving quality traffic.

Your affiliate links will look like:
your-affiliate-id will contain your login to Click2Sell.EU
product-id will contain a product’s id on the system.

So use these links on your campaigns and drive traffic to them. If you place ads, these links should appear on every ad. You can also cloak these links, etc. However, you need to drive traffic using your affiliate links, only then you will get your affiliate commissions once customer buys your promoted product.

Urszula, please, let me know if you have any other questions.

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