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Affiliate link to checkout page shows affiliate incorrectly


Thank you for your promt reply. And you have clarified how she gets credited for a sale, I have that clear. But, I still don’t see why if a visitor clicks on the ORDER NOW button from my website, it will land on my checkout page with her name displayed on the affiliate line. She has nothing to do there at this moment (nor she should get credited for a sale if it is coming from my website and not hers).

Also, I have another affiliate and her name is Christine, and she never appears on the checkout page when I arrive to it coming initially from my website.

This is what I don’t understand. It seems to me that Pascale is there on the checkout page when she should not be if a sale is originating from my website (she is a nice woman, please don’t get the idea that I have it against her!). If so, what has happened with the other affiliate (Christine), why she is not there on the checkout page too? Or, lets assume I had another 100 affiliates, wouldn’t all of them have to appear on the checkout page as well, just as Pascale? This doen’t sound too logical to me.

Oh boy, I hope this not too much for you to answer. I understand you must be a very busy person.

Thank you in advance for your help.

We are here to help you :) Actually you see this affiliate Pascale just because your browser has a cookie set with that affiliate’s ID. It looks like you have entered your affiliates (Pascale) affiliate link with your own browser and this way the affiliate cookie got set up on your pc. Click2Sell.EU has a 1st affiliate link protection. This protection ensures that unfair affiliates cannot stole affiliate commissions from other affiliates who referred the visitor for the first time.

Please, clean your browsers cookies and cache and try entering your product’s sales page directly again:
a) from your website
b) via another affiliate link

Now you will see that on a) affiliate’s name will not be shown on Click2Sell.EU checkout form and on b) you will notice a new affiliate’s name.

Leonardo, I can assure you that everything works correctly as it should be. Many of our members ask this question because they don’t know how our affiliate link protection system works.

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