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My name does not appear as affiliate on the checkout form


whats the reason that my name does not appear when i make trough my affiliate link??
It appear another guy name…
Hope answer!!

Dear Eduardo,

When you enter your promoted product’s affiliate link yourself, your own name (as affiliate) should be shown. If you see another affiliate’s name then it means that you were referred to a certain product’s website by that affiliate. Then you signed up on Click2Sell.EU and created your own links to promote the same product. Click2Sell.EU protects affiliates and we have created a special 1st affiliate link rule – tracking system. If visitor enters the website via 1st affiliate’s link, the special tracking cookie is placed on that visitors computer, so even if he/she visits the same product’s sales page via another members affiliate link, the first affiliate still receives the credit as a real referrer of that potential customer. If you refer a visitor via your affiliate link and he/she is brought for the first time to that product’s sales page, you will be credited. This way we protect our affiliates from affiliate link hijackings and other unfair methods used by some dishonest affiliates.

If you want to see your own affiliate name on the product’s checkout page, please, delete your browser’s cookies and then enter your affiliate link again.

I hope this helps.


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