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Upload of products


I have a question about upload of products. I have over 5000 reports that I want to sell on your site – can I upload them all at once or do I have to do it one at a time?

Dear Joan,

Thanks for your questions regarding upload of products (your reports). Since you have so many reports, I would like to know what are you planning to do with them: sell all those reports in one package for the same price or sell them separately? If you want to sell them all at once, just add your reports package as one product on Click2Sell.EU and then provide your own thank-you page (reports download page) with provided all links to download your reports. Then, after the purchase, your customer will be able to download them.

If you plan to sell each report separately, you will have to add each report separately to Click2Sell and place appropriate order buttons on your sales page. Please, let me know what you would like to proceed with upload of products and then I will be able to provide you with the best solution.

Best wishes!

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